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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wild Earth TV - Live from the African Bush

It took me a while to write about Wild Earth TV because I got hooked into watching the great wildlife videos on the site. Wild Earth TV provides live video feeds of animals in Africa. As I write this the feed is showing a giraffe eating. While watching the video feeds, registered users can chat with each other about what they're seeing. If the video feed is not live when you visit the website, you can choose from any number of recorded videos. I have embedded below, a video of water buffaloes.

Applications for Education
Wild Earth TV could be a great place for your students to see African wildlife. Students could watch Wild Earth TV as part of a lesson on wildlife habit and make observations about the habit and foods that various animals prefer.

Another live wildlife video feed you may want to consider is National Geographic's WildCam Africa.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Qik - Recording and Hosting Videos From Your Phone

Qik is a new video service, still in beta, that allows users to stream video, record video, and share video directly from a cell phone to the Internet. Right now the service seems to work only with Nokia phones, but they are adding new phones all the time. Videos can be streamed and recording directly to a Qik account or to 3rd party applications like Twitter. Once the video is stored in a Qik account it can be shared or embedded into another website or service.

Applications for Education
Qik could be used by teachers and students to record presentations or film short videos by using the technology that almost every high school student and teacher carries with them. Rather than having to borrow a video camera teachers can use what is already at their disposal. Use the videos made with Qik to participate in video conversations like the Davos Question, Film Your Issue, or Global Student.

Here's the video from Robert Scoble that first tipped me off to the Qik service.