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Monday, November 15, 2010

Skype Education - A Directory of Classrooms

Skype is a fantastic free resource that enables teachers around the world to connect their classrooms and to virtually bring expert visitors to their classrooms. To help teachers around the world connect their classrooms, Skype is developing Skype in the Classroom. Skype in the Classroom, launching in December, will be a free directory of classrooms that are on Skype and are looking to connect with other classrooms. Registration is open now for those teachers who would like to be in the Skype in the Classroom directory.

Thanks to George Couros for sharing the link on Twitter.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nuvvo - Join or Create Learning Communities

Nuvvo is a free service that hosts learning communities. Nuvvo members can join existing learning groups and or create their own learning groups. In each group members can share lessons, ask questions, and have discussions. Group members can post videos, slideshows, and other media to support their lessons. Some of the groups that might be of particular interest to educators are the Project Based Learning group, the Cooperative Learning group, and the Education 2.0 group.

Applications for Education
Like any social group, Nuvvo's value lies in its members' activities. Nuvvo provides a good place for teachers to share lessons and exchange ideas. Exchanging ideas and lessons with other teachers is a great way to get a new perspective on a teaching strategy or a lesson you're trying to teach.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Teachers Connecting - Find A Project Partner

There are numerous informal ways for teachers to connect. Three of the more common places to connect are Classroom 2.0, Twitter, and Facebook. The connections made through those forums can be used to create a global, collaborative, classroom project. However, if you're new to those networks or you're just beginning to form a PLN it's not always easy to find a collaboration partner. Fortunately, Teachers Connecting can help you find a partner for a collaborative project.

Teachers Connecting is a professional network where you can find other teachers who would like to connect their classrooms with your's. On Teachers Connecting you can post a project proposal or search for projects proposed by other teachers.

Applications for Education
Teachers Connecting could have your next global collaborative project just waiting for you and your students. If it doesn't, propose one and find a partner for your next project.

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