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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Apply Now for Early Access to Google Team Drives

A couple of months ago Google announced the development of a new product called Team Drives. Team Drives is a version of Google Drive designed specifically for team use. Rather than just sharing a single file or folder, Team Drives will give everyone in the team access to everything in the Team Drives account by default. 

Team Drives is a feature that will only be available to G Suite for Education and G Suite for Business users. G Suite for Education domain administrators can apply today for early access to Team Drives. Learn more about Team Drives in this post on the G Suite Update Alerts blog. 

Applications for Education
The default sharing settings in Team Drives might be a bit too open for use by younger students. But it could be great for high school and college students working together on long-term projects. Team Drives could also be a great asset for academic departments that want to have all members sharing lesson ideas and resources.