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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Podcast - What is Creativity?

In this podcast I address a great question that Tom Grissom posed in his podcast Tech Talk 4 Teachers. Tom asked the question, “can we still call this creativity if the machine is making the decisions for us?” Tom was raising this question in reference to the use of online tools like Wordle, AutoCollage, and Animoto. To learn more about these tools and hear Tom Grissom’s podcast visit Tech Talk 4 Teachers.

If you enjoyed this podcast or previous episodes, the player embedded in the right hand column of this blog can also be embedded in your blog. To embed my podcast in your blog or website click on the "get this widget" link immediately below the player.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tom Grissom's Podcast is a Must Listen

Tom Grissom's Tech Talk 4 Teachers podcast is a "must listen" this week. If you've never listened Tom's podcast this episode is a great one to get you started. Tom discusses using technology resources to have students address higher order thinking problems. In addressing this topic, Tom shares some great ideas for using Wordle in the classroom. I won't tell you what his idea is, you have to visit his blog to find out.

Tom also poses a great question regarding creativity and the use of multimedia tools like Animoto. His question is "can we still call this creativity if the machine is making the decisions for us?" It's a great question and I encourage you to leave a comment on Tom's blog regarding his question. You can do so at Tech Talk 4 Teachers.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ed Tech Podcasts of the Week

As I do every week, I spent a few hours listening to podcasts about educational technology. I checked out two new-to-me podcasts, Ed Tech Crew and The Clever Sheep. And as I do every week I listened to Wicked Decent Learning and Tech Talk 4 Teachers.

Ed Tech Crew is produced by two technology educators in Australia. As you might expect the Ed Tech Crew discusses the technology resources they find and their ideas about technology education. In the most recent episode the Ed Tech Crew discusses a problem they ran into having too many students logging into gmail at the same time. The Ed Tech Crew, Tony and Darrel, also review the animated movie maker, Go Animate which they described as "Comic Life on steroids."

The Clever Sheep aka Teacher 2.0 is produced by Rod Lucier. The Clever Sheep podcasts are short, thought provoking podcasts about educational technology and education in general. The Clever Sheep caught my attention with the current podcast's title, "School is Not a Place." In this episode Rod talks about trying new things in the classroom and the challenges teachers face in trying new things in the classroom.

This week on Wicked Decent Learning Jeff and Dan discuss the start of a new school year and classroom organization. Jeff and Dan discuss the different philosophies that teachers have about classroom decorations and student seating arrangements.

Tom Grissom released episode 50 of Tech Talk 4 Teachers this week, congratulations Tom! This week Tom discusses responding to requests for technology trouble shooting. Tom offers some great tips and reminders for those who will be responding to technology "emergencies" at the beginning of the school year. My favorite tip is to make sure people are pressing the "On" button. Check out the rest of Tom's tips at Tech Talk 4 Teachers.

If you know of a great podcast that I should be listening to, even if it's your own, please leave a comment and I'll check it out.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Podcasts For The Road - Old and New

I'm headed out on a road trip to Ohio this week. My brother-in-law is taking a new position teaching organic chemistry at Cedarville University. Since it's summer and I love road trips, I volunteered to help with the move. Before I go I'm loading up my iPod with new podcasts and albums for the road. Here are some of the podcasts I plan to listen to while on the road.

The first podcasts I'm loading up are two stand-bys for me, Wicked Decent Learning and TechTalk4Teachers. In the current episode of Wicked Decent Learning Jeff and Dan discuss "best practices" and educational uses for webcams. Tom Grissom, producer of TechTalk4Teachers, has a great topic in his current episode. Tom talks about the placement of advertising in some of the web 2.0 tools that teachers are using in the classroom. Tom asks a great question, "should there be a standard for the amount or limit for advertising in schools?" I've written about this topic in the past and my general feeling is that if advertising is intrusive and distracting to students then I will not use that particular web 2.0 service in the classroom.

I'm also listening to a new-to-me podcasts. I listened to one episode of the Ed Tech Musician podcast this morning and I'm hooked. I'm not a music teacher (although I was a band geek in high school), but I really enjoyed the podcast and I'm sure that music teachers will appreciate this series of podcasts too. In the episode I listened to this morning there was a great lecture about the history of Brass Bands in the United States.

Finally, I'm loading up my podcast with a couple of episodes of Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty writing tips. This podcasts contain short, easy-to-understand, tips for writing. I find this podcasts useful for my personal learning which in turns helps me when I'm editing my students' papers during the school year.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Podcasts; Twitter, Screencasts, Games and Will Smith(?)

There are four educational/ technology podcasts that I've listened to or plan to listen to this week. You'll notice that two of the podcasts Tech Talk 4 Teachers and Tech Teacher Live both discuss the use of Twitter as a professional development tool. If you don't know what Twitter is or you're wondering how you can use it for professional development check out the podcasts or read my previous posts on the topic here, here, here, or here.

Wesley Fryer has released a new podcast episode. This current episode, podcast 261, features student perspectives on the use of technology in education. The students also discuss the use of computers for strategic gaming. It's always refreshing to hear students' perspectives on the topics teachers spend so much time discussing.

So what does Will Smith have to do with education/ tech podcasts? Well the title of this week's episode of Wicked Decent Learning is A Will Smith- Free Independence Day. In this week's episode Jeff and Dan talk about fostering independent thinking in students and teachers.

As always, simply click the links to visit the podcasts mentioned above. Alternatively, for the Tech Teacher Live podcast, you can listen here via the widget embedded in the right hand column.

Friday, June 6, 2008

For Your Weekend Listening Enjoyment

Here are four podcasts worth listening to over the weekend. Wicked Decent Learning has a special guest, Mark Spahr, in studio in their most recent podcast. This week the guys discussed team teaching. As always the podcast is an entertaining and thought provoking hour-long podcast.

Ron Kroetz's most recent podcast on Tech Teacher Live is a short episode about some of NASA's most recent efforts to get schools and students excited about space exploration.

On Tech Talk 4 Teachers, Tom Grissom, discusses developments in the low-cost computing market specifically the ASUS Eee PC. Tom also reviews a cool new service called Text 2 Mind Map that allows users to create mind maps from text messages displayed on manipulated on a SMART board.

Finally, a podcast that I've followed for months, but never shared here is WebbAlert. Webb Alert is a daily podcast that discusses developments in the Internet industry. There is something new every day and each episode, in five to six minutes, covers a wide range of Internet and technology developments.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tech and Education Podcasts for the Week

Here are some of the podcasts I'm going to make time for this week. You'll notice that I've added a new podcast to my list of must listen to items.

Louis Gray is a Silicon Valley blogger and podcaster. This week on his podcast, Elite Tech News, Louis talks with Allen Stern of Center Networks and Mark Hopkins from Mashable. There are a few topics discussed on the podcast, but the one that interests me the most is, "Twitter signal or noise?" You can find Louis Gray's blog and podcast here.

This week on Tech Teacher Live, produced by Ron Kroetz, you will find Ron talking about a neat engineering project he has been working on with his middle school students. Ron's students are building model sailboats. As always you can find Ron's podcast in the widget embedded on the right side of this blog or visit Ron's blog and podcast to find out more about what he's up to.

Tom Grissom at Eastern Illinois University is asking and discussing a great question this week on his podcast Tech Talk 4 Teachers. Tom is discussing the question, "whose responsibility is it to create Web 2.0 accounts? Is it the teachers? Is it the parents? Is it the schools?" This is a very timely topic for me as my students just finished up a project in which many of them used PhotoShow or Zoho Show to create presentations. Some of my students learned the hard way this week just how important it is to follow the directions when you receive a confirmation email.

Finally, the guys at Wicked Decent Learning, have been a little swamped this week with teaching (their real jobs), power outages (ayuh, been to Jay, Maine), and general having a life stuff so they're a little behind in production. Not to worry though, they have a great topic planned for this week's show, "teacher-parent interaction." If you've been in the teaching profession for any amount of time, you probably have some parent horror stories. Jeff and Dan would love to hear those stories so shoot them a line over at Wicked Decent Learning and check back at the end of the week for their show.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Educational Podcasts to Listen to This Week

For a couple of months I've been plugging Tech Teacher Live and Wicked Decent Learning as great podcasts for teachers interested in technology integration. I continue to listen to both of those podcasts every week and recently I've added two new items to my list of must hear and see items each week.

Tech Talk 4 Teachers
is a podcast produced by Tom Grissom at Eastern Illinois University. Each week Tom discusses topics related to education with an emphasis on technology's role in education. In the most recent episode Tom discusses the issue of depth versus breadth when looking at web 2.0 tools. Tom is looking for listener feedback this week on the question of what web 2.0 tools teachers feel warrant further investigation. Check out Tech Talk 4 Teachers and share your thoughts with Tom.

My newest must watch item is actually a Youtube channel called Palm Breeze Cafe. Palm Breeze Cafe comes from the school district of Palm Beach County, Florida. Each episode Lee Keller and Kim Cavanaugh discuss technology as it relates to education. You can watch Palm Breeze Cafe on Youtube or on the Palm Breeze Cafe website. You may also want to visit Lee's blog, A Geeky Momma's Blog for more of Lee's thoughts about education and technology.

This week on Ron Kroetz's Tech Teacher Live podcast, Ron discusses a great $50,000 scholarship opportunity for middle school students. Check out Ron's website Tech Teacher Live for more information or listen through the widget installed on the right-hand side of Free Technology 4 Teachers.

Finally, tune in to Wicked Decent Learning to hear Dan and Jeff discuss student recognition, video editing tools, and the impact of increasing food prices on school districts.