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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Discovering How Stuff Works

One of the reasons that I write this blog is that maintaining this blog gives me reason to constantly search for and discover new things. Sometimes what I find is new to everyone and other times what I find is only new to me and a handful of readers. This blog entry will fall into the category of new to just me and a handful of readers. This evening I spent quite a bit of time exploring How Stuff Works. Exploring probably isn't the best way to describe what I did, got lost inside How Stuff Works is probably a better description of what I did on How Stuff Works.

How Stuff Works is a product of Discovery Communications. On How Stuff Works you can find text information, videos, audio, and maps about almost any topic. I spent a lot of time looking at videos from the history and geography sections of How Stuff Works. Most of the videos are short, under ten minutes, but very educational. Visitors to How Stuff Works can find videos about the history and geography of every continent. The maps section contains maps representing a wide variety of data sets. All of the maps and videos I visited on How Stuff Works can be embedded into a blog.

Applications for Education
How Stuff Works is a great place for students and teachers to explore and find content on a wide variety of topics. Most of the content on How Stuff Works is appropriate for students ages 11 or older. The categories that seem to have the most direct relevance to schools are the history, geography, and science sections. Overall, How Stuff Works is just a great place for academically curious students and teachers to spend time learning about the topics that interest them most.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Judge Approves Suspending Creators of Fake MySpace Profiles

This blog post is a little off topic, but very relevant to all teachers and school administrators. A federal court judge recently ruled that students can be suspended from school for creating fake MySpace profiles of administrators and teachers. The judge was ruling in the case of a Pennsylvania middle school that suspended two students for creating a profile of their principal that contained "lewd and vulgar" language. To read more about the particulars of the case you can read this article from Ars Technica and this article from Techdirt.

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