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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Some of my Favorites - Talking With Mr. D!

This week is school vacation week here in Maine. I usually take this week off to go ice fishing on Moosehead Lake. Unfortunately, that's not happening this year. Instead I'll be "staycationing" and working on some projects around home. While on my staycation I'll be sharing some of my personal favorite tools and blog posts. Chatting with Gerry Dee in December was one of my favorite moments in 2020

Mr. D The Gym Teacher is a show available on Amazon Prime in the U.S. On Amazon Prime the show is called Mr. D The Gym Teacher instead of just Mr. D as it was on the CBC. The show is loosely based on the stories of teacher-turned-comedian Gerry Dee. Yes, it's a sitcom about teachers, principals, and school librarians. And yes, it's hilarious!

Mr. D lasted eight seasons which is far longer than any other sitcom about teachers that I can remember. That was possible because the show featured an actor and writer who actually spent years teaching instead of just relying on some cliché Hollywood ideas of teachers. You can watch some snippets of the show on Gerry Dee's Facebook page and Twitter account

We all need something to look forward to that we can do at home these days. Flipping on Mr. D The Gym Teacher and having a good beer or wine cooler (a joke you'll get if you watch the show) after my kids go to bed is what I'm looking forward to on Saturday night. If you don't have Amazon Prime you can get a 30 free trial right here

In December I got the chance to talk to the star of the show, Gerry Dee. Gerry was a history and physical education teacher for ten years before his stand-up comedy career took off. We chatted about his teaching experiences and how they contributed to creating a sitcom about teaching that is really enjoyable to watch as a teacher. I was super-excited and nervous to talk with Gerry but I enjoyed it and I hope that you enjoy the recording of our conversation. You can watch it right here on my YouTube channel or as embedded below. 

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Evolution of Television 1926-2010

The Evolution of Television is a timeline infographic hosted by Sterling Satellite. The infographic highlights major developments in television technology and highlights in broadcasting history. For example, did you know that JFK's inauguration was the first to be broadcast in color? Visit Sterling Satellite to view the full size infographic.

Thanks to Cool Infographics for the graphic.

Applications for Education
Television is as much a part of students' lives as just about any other technology. In teaching US History, I've always found pop culture to be a good segue to introducing important events of the 20th Century. For example, we could take this timeline and have students identify other significant events corresponding with a development in broadcast history.

Bonus material: JFK's Inauguration.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Global Link of World Educators

Link TV, a news video resource that allows users to create news video remixes (learn more here), is looking for educators to help them create learning guides. Link TV is interested in having teachers contribute learning guides for their One Nation Many Voices project. Link TV is offering teachers an honorarium for creating and piloting the learning guides in their classrooms. If you are interested in participating please visit the educators' page on Link TV or send and email to teachers (at) to find out more.

FREE National Geographic map with purchases $65+!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lesson Plans About Presidential Campaign Commercials

The Living Room Candidate is an online exhibit of Presidential Campaign commercials from 1952 through 2004. The Living Room Candidate is part of a larger project called the Museum of the Moving Image. Visitors to The Living Room Candidate can view the commercials from each campaign from both parties. A written transcript is provided with each commercial. Provided along with each video is an overview of the political landscape of at the time of the campaigns. Visitors to the website can search for commercials by election year, type of commercial, or by campaign issue.

In order to view the commercials you will need to have either Windows Media Player or Real Player installed on your computer.

Applications for Education
The Living Room Candidate is a great resource for teaching lessons about the role of media and advertising in political campaigns. The Living Room Candidate has a good resource page for teachers which provides a series of eight sequential lesson plans.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Live News Cameras

Live News Cameras is an interesting way to find television news from around the United States and the world. Live News Cameras is a website on which users can find television stations and watch their news broadcasts. At different times throughout the day Live News Cameras features a moderated streaming conversation about the news. (Note for educators, while there is a moderator bear in mind that the moderation is aimed at moderating language and defamatory comments, not overall content).

Applications for Education
Live News Cameras is a good way for teachers to show students differences in the way news stories are reported by different media outlets. Using the world news button on Live News Cameras can expose students to the differences in the way stories are reported in the United States compared to other countries. A simple assignment that would open students' eyes to the differences in news reporting throughout the world would be to assign one story to a class then have each student choose a different television station to watch report on the story. Then the students could share with the group and compare the information they got from each station about the story.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Hulu Adds New Features

Hulu, the video service featuring television and movies owned by NBC, Fox, and other media corporations has added a couple of new features. Hulu has added new sharing options in addition to normal embedding options. Read "application for education" below to find out about the best new feature for teachers.

Application for Education
Hulu now allows users to share all or part of video. This is particularly useful if you wish to show just a part of video to your students. Rather than showing the entire video or fast forwarding through the video (often difficult if your network is slow) users can cut and embed just a segment of a video. This editing option is very easy to use as you can see in the image below. Simply drag the start and end bars to adjust the length of the video. The video segment I've included is about two minutes I extracted from the one hour broadcast of the first episode of NBC's Today Show.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Five Alternatives to YouTube - #5 Hulu is the newest of the five alternatives to YouTube I've written about today. Hulu received a lot of attention in the Blog-o-sphere when it was beta. Now that Hulu is available to the general public, it seems to be living up to the hype. Hulu offers free videos of popular television shows and full length movies. is owned and operated as a joint venture of NBC and News Corp. The ownership of Hulu is reflected in the collection of videos that are available for free. Television shows and movies owned by NBC, FOX, MGM, Sony Pictures, and Warner Brothers are available for free viewing on
hosts current and past television shows and movies. Here is an episode of NBC's News Time Capsule revisiting the Apollo 11 mission and moon landing.