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Friday, January 10, 2014

A Cartoon Explanation and Game About International Trade

The multimedia library on The Economist contains a set of cartoon videos explaining some big concepts in economics. Of the six cartoon the cartoon on international trade has the broadest appeal. The video is appropriate as an introduction to the topic for middle school and high school students.

After watching the video on international trade have your students put their new knowledge to use in Trading Around the World from the International Monetary Fund. The object of the game is to provide students with knowledge of the variables affecting international trade. Students experience the impact of each variable by playing the game as a representative of a country or region that is trying to buy or sell resources. The overall object of the game is to accumulate cash through buying and selling natural resources.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Videographics - Short Modern History Videos

The Economist is a magazine that I enjoy reading when I have the time to sit down and fully digest an issue. Recently, I was exploring their site and learned that they have a series of videos called videographics. These videographics, available on YouTube, use narrated graphics to explain timely topics like Unrest in the Arab World, A History of Modern Sudan, and the FIFA World Cup.

The Economist Videographics playlist is embedded below.

Applications for Education
These videographics are appropriate for use in high school courses that discuss current events. Some of the videos, such as this one about Kashmir, provide a longer range overview of a topic making them appropriate for use in courses dealing with historical topics.