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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Sherpa's Story of Mount Everest

Yesterday, I posted some resources for learning about Mount Everest along with the news that Google Maps now contains Street View imagery of Mount Everest base camp. All of those resources give a very western perspective to Mount Everest. There's another side of Everest and that is the perspective of the Sherpa people who are native to the area and have climbed Everest more than any other group. Kraig Becker at The Adventure Blog shared a great BBC documentary about Sherpas who work with westerners on the mountain. You can watch the video below. Before showing the video to your students, you may want to remind them that Sherpa is an ethnic group, not a job title.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Learn About Mount Everest in 3D

As some readers of this blog know, one of my long-term dreams is to visit the Himalayas. In the past I've shared some resources for teaching and learning about Mount Everest. Today, I'm excited to share with you a new video podcast series for learning about the Mount Everest region. For their fifth season The Rest of Everest is releasing all of their episodes in 3D video. According to their site, this is the first 3D footage recorded in Tibet.  And unlike a lot of documentaries about Mount Everest, this season of 3D footage was recorded on the infrequently visited east or Kangshung face of Mount Everest. You need nothing more than a cheap pair of red and green 3D glasses, Amazon Snow in the Kingdom: My Storm Years on Everest.

If you're truly interested in learning about the Kangshung face of Mount Everest, I highly recommend reading Snow in the Kingdom: My Storm Years on Everest which was written by a fellow Mainer, Ed Webster.