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Monday, February 14, 2011

Nikon This Day - Images from This Day in History

Nikon's This Day is a neat little "this day in history" resource. Everyday This Day posts one new image with a short story about something that happened on that day of the month in years past. You can scroll along the timeline at the bottom of the screen to see what was posted on previous days of the year.

Monday, May 17, 2010

One Day In - This Day in History on a Google Map

This service is no longer available.

There are plenty of websites that will deliver an interesting "this day in history" fact to you everyday. There are even gadgets for your iGoogle homepage that will inform you of significant events every day of the year. Yet there are few sites that will geolocate "this day in history" facts for you. That is exactly what One Day In does.

One Day In places "this day in history" trivia facts on a Google Map in the place where each event happened. You can find facts through searching by date or by simply clicking placemarks on the map.

Applications for EducationI know some teachers like to include a little "trivia for the day" element in their classrooms. One Day In is one way to provide students with a little geographic context for those bits of trivia.

One thing to note about One Day In is that the content is crowd-sourced so use your best judgment in determining the validity of all information on the site.