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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Record and Send Voice Notes in Gmail

A couple of months ago I started dabbling with a Chrome extension called Mote that lets me add voice notes directly into Google Classroom, Slides, and Docs. I have found it quite helpful for adding clarifying comments to the announcements that I post for my students in Google Classroom. Recently, Mote added the capability to record and send voice notes through Gmail. This is a feature that I foresee myself using quite a bit as well. 

With Mote's Chrome extension installed you'll notice a little "Mote" icon in the Gmail composition menu whenever you open a message. Just click on that little icon and you can start recording a voice note that is then automatically inserted into your message. As I demonstrate in this short video, you can type above and below the inserted voice note. 

Watch my short video about using Mote in Gmail to learn how to record and send a voice note. The video also shows how recipients can play your voice notes even if they don't have Mote installed in their web browsers. 

Check out this post that I published on to learn how to use Mote to record voice notes in Google Classroom, Slides, and Docs. And take a look at this post for a dozen Gmail productivity tips

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Quick Way to See If a Website Is Down For Others or Just You

Down - get it? 
A brief Twitter exchange that I had this afternoon with Mark Barnes reminded me of a handy site that I use on a fairly regular basis. Down For Everyone Or Just Me? will tell you if a site that you're trying to visit is down or not. To use the site just enter the name of a site into the search tool on Down For Everyone Or Just Me? and you will quickly get a yes or no answer.

Applications for Education
The next time you try a site in your classroom and the kids say to you, "it's not working" put the site's address into Down For Everyone Or Just Me? to see if the problem lies with the site or with your school's filters.

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Quick Tip About Editing In Apple's Pages

I’ve been working on a rather large (currently 60+ pages) document all summer. Because it is an image-heavy document and because I like the templates that are available, I have been using Apple’s Pages to create this document. The problem I was having with the document for a while was that every time I tried to expand a section of the document and insert a new image, two, three, or ten other pages had elements shift on them too.

I shared this frustration with my friend Katrina Talley at Pearson OLE a few weeks ago. Katrina is also working on a similar document and was having the same problem. After commiserating for a while we started to explore various settings to see if we could alleviate our shared frustration. What we discovered was that rather than simply letting Pages expand our documents and automatically insert new pages when we added new text or images, it was better to simply manually insert a new page. By manually inserting new pages rather than allowing Pages to insert them for us, we found that each page can be edited individually without affecting the formatting of other pages in that section.

Perhaps this is old news, but I’m going to hazard a guess that there are others who have struggleed with the same problem Katrina and I had. Hopefully, this little tip helps those of you who have experienced the frustration with Pages that I experienced.