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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chromebooks That Support Android Apps

I'm beginning to regret that I ever wrote anything about Toontastic 3D. Yesterday, I received an email from someone who upset that Toontastic 3D doesn't work on her Chromebook. This afternoon I received a phone call from a tech director who was upset that Toontastic 3D doesn't work on the Chromebooks in his school.

As I clarified yesterday, Toontastic 3D will run on Chromebooks provided that your Chromebook is a model that supports installing Android apps from the Google Play store. Not all Chromebooks have that capability at this time. Android Central has an updated list of the Chromebooks that currently support the installation of Android apps. The list is more current than the Chromium Project's list which clearly hasn't been updated for 2017.

Finally, while I try to account for as many variables as possible when writing my blog posts and creating video tutorials, I cannot account for every possible scenario.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Toontastic 3D - Create 3D Cartoon Videos on iOS, Chrome, and Android

On Thursday Google released a new version of the popular animation creation app, Toontastic. The new version is called Toontastic 3D and it is available to download on the Android, iOS, and Chrome platforms. I installed on an Android phone and found it to be easy to use to create animated videos.

To make a video on Toontastic 3D students first select the type of story that they want to create. Their options are "short story" (a three part story), "classic" (a five part story), or "science report." Once they have selected a story type they will be prompted to craft each part of their stories in order. A short description of what each part of the story should do is included before students start each section.

Students can pick from a variety of story setting templates or they can create their own within Toontastic 3D. Once they have established a background setting students then select cartoon characters to use in their stories. Students can choose from a wide array of customizable cartoon characters or they can create their own from scratch. Once characters are placed into the story scenes students can begin recording themselves talking while moving the characters around in each scene. Students can swap characters between scenes, change the appearance of characters between scenes, and move characters from one scene to the next.

To use Toontastic 3D students do not need to have accounts or log into any service. Their completed videos can be saved directly onto the devices that they use to create their videos.

Applications for Education
Toontastic 3D could provide elementary school students with a great way to create videos for a variety of purposes including mini-biographies, retelling of historical events, or to bring the scenes of a favorite book to life in video form.