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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Paleontology 101 - Putting Together a Dinosaur Skeleton

Untamed Science and Pearson OLE recently published an extensive blog post about how dinosaurs are discovered and named. The full post includes links to free lesson plans about dinosaurs. The lesson plans are suitable to use with elementary school and middle school students.

The part of the Untamed Science and Pearson OLE dinosaur post that I found most interesting is the following video about how dinosaur fossils are un-earthed and examined. It's not at all like we see in movies.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Free Webinar - How to Create Your Own Science Videos

Untamed Science is a producer of educational science videos. I've featured some of their videos in the past. Most recently I featured their video about why leaves change color. On Tuesday, October 22 Untamed Science in collaboration with Pearson OLE will run a free virtual training on making science videos for your classes. In the webinar you will learn some best practices and interesting video techniques that you can use either for yourself or as an engaging classroom project. You can learn more about the webinar and register for it here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tropical Ice - A Climate Change Story

When we think of climate change we often think about the shrinking polar glaciers. There are other places in the world that have glaciers too. In this Untamed Science video we learn about tropical glaciers in Uganda. The video is a quick overview of how glaciers can form in tropical regions. The most valuable piece of the video is the imagery comparing the size of tropical glaciers 100 years ago to the size of those glaciers today. The video is embedded below.