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Monday, June 8, 2009

Lexipedia Webbed Word Connections

One of the best reasons for teachers to be on Twitter is the wealth of knowledge that is shared between users. Today, shortly after someone posted a link to my blog entry about Visuwords two other people posted responses each including a link to Lexipedia. Anne Marie also told us about Lexipedia in her comment on the Visuwords post.

Lexipedia, like Visuwords, provides the definitions of words along with a webbed diagram of related words and their definitions. In addition to definitions and diagrams, Lexipedia offers audio pronunciations of words although when I tested it the audio didn't seem to be working properly. In my side-by-side comparison of Lexipedia and Visuwords, both performed equally well, but occasionally offered different definitions and connections for the same word.

Applications for Education
Lexipedia, like Visuwords, is a good alternative to Visual
Thesaurus. Lexipedia makes it easy for students to explore alternative word choices and connections between words.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Visuwords - Online Graphical Dictionary

Visuwords uses a web design to show users the definitions of words and the connections between words. To use Visuwords just type a word into the search box and Visuwords will generate a web of related words. Place your cursor over any of the words and the definition appears. Use the color-coded key to understand the connections between the words in any web. Below is the web based on the word "geography."

Applications for Education
Visuwords could be a good free alternative to Visual Thesaurus. Visuwords gives students an easy-to-use tool for exploring definitions and alternative word choices.

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