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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vocabulary Widgets for Your Blog or Website

Last week, in response to one of my new teaching assignments, I posted a list of seven resources for teaching and learning vocabulary. Today, I went searching for some vocabulary widgets that could be added to classroom blogs and websites. In my search I found a jackpot of vocabulary widgets at Widget Box.

Widget Box currently hosts 48 vocabulary widgets that you can place on your classroom blog or website. To use the widgets just copy the embed code provided for you and paste it into one of the side bars on your blog. If you're a Blogger user, you can do this by going to your Design panel, selecting "add a gadget," choosing the "HTML/Javascript" gadget, then pasting the code into the gadget. You could also just put your desired vocabulary gadget as a new blog post.

I've placed the Vocab Ahead widget below.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for an easy way to display a "vocabulary word of the day" to your students, Widget Box probably has something for you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vocab Ahead Adds Self-Assessment Quizzes

Vocab Ahead, formerly Word Ahead, announced a new study feature today. Now students can use the Vocab Ahead study rooms to take practice vocabulary quizzes. The quizzes provide instant feedback on each question as well as summary information at the end of the quiz. While taking the quiz if a student is stuck on an item he or she can click on the hint tab.

If you've never tried Vocab Ahead, it's definitely worthy of your time. Vocab Ahead offers video demonstrations of SAT vocabulary words. Teachers can create their own custom video playlists and place them into playlist widgets.

Applications for Education
The new self-assessment quizzes from Vocab Ahead could be helpful for students preparing for SATs. The videos can be helpful to students who learn better when they have a visual reference or clue for remembering information.