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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VoiceThread Mobile App Coming Soon

As I Tweeted this morning, the popular multimedia conversation tool VoiceThread has announced plans to launch a mobile app for iOS devices in the near future. Their blog post doesn't specify a date for its release, but hopefully it will be in time to use this fall. Watch, and comment if you like, on the VoiceThread about the mobile app embedded below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

VoiceThread Universal Increases VoiceThread Accessibility

The very popular digital media discussion service VoiceThread has just launched a new accessibility option called VoiceThread Universal. VoiceThread Universal is designed for use by people who use screen-readers to access online media. Rather than being an add-on to the existing VoiceThread platform, VoiceThread Universal is a version of VoiceThread designed for compatibility with screen-readers. VoiceThread Universal removes extraneous visual and text elements and focus on providing clear and concise information. Learn more about the new service here.

Applications for Education
VoiceThread has become popular with educators because it allows students to have conversations about media and it allows teachers to deliver virtual instruction. VoiceThread Universal will make it possible for more students and more teachers to participate in online conversations about media.