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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Google Adds Tab Synchronization for Chrome

Chrome is my preferred web browser and the one that I recommend to anyone who asks. I like it because of its speed, its support for WebGL, the Chrome web apps, its synchronization of bookmarks and extensions, and now I like its ability to synchronize all of my open tabs across multiple devices. Today, Google released version 19 of Chrome. The latest update allows you to sign-in with your Google account and sync all of your open tabs across all of the devices on which you are using Chrome. (You have to be using Ice Cream Sandwich for it to work on an Android device).

Applications for Education
Synchronizing tabs across computers could be very helpful for teachers and students who work on a different computer at home than they use at school. Now they can quickly switch between devices without missing a beat (provided you've signed-in with your Google account).