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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

An Easy Way to Make Videos on Windows 10 Computers

Sometimes the simplest solution is the one that gets overlooked the most. That's often the case when people ask me for a recommendation for making audio slideshow-style videos. I was reminded of this earlier today when one of my students asked, "can I just use the Windows app?" in response to a short video assignment that I gave my class. I said yes to his request because while there are lots of great online tools like Adobe Spark and WeVideo for making videos, there's also a good one built right into Windows 10. 

Microsoft Photos includes a video creation tool for making short audio slideshow-style videos. You'll find this by just opening the native photos app in Windows 10. Within the editor there are tools for adding animated effects to still images, insert your existing video clips into a video project, and tools for adding audio to your video. There's also a great option to search for Creative Commons licensed images and insert them directly into your video project. The best part of that feature is that attribution information is automatically added onto the images you choose through the built-in search tool. 

In the following video I provide a demonstration of how to create a video in Microsoft Photos in Windows 10. 

Applications for Education
Today, I gave some of my students the assignment to make short videos about different types of computer and network security threats and how to prevent them. These are going to be short (30-60 second) videos that serve as public service announcements. My student who chose to use the Microsoft Photos video editor is recording a little voice over that will sync to the images. 

Years ago I had a group of students make audio slideshow-style videos as biographies of past Presidents of the United States. And I've worked with a lot of elementary school teachers over the years who had students make audio slideshow videos about animals, habitats, their families, and many other topics. Overall, these videos tend to be summaries of what students have learned in class and through short research tasks. They're often more exciting assignments for students and more fun to review than a five paragraph essay. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kahoot Announces New Windows 10 Apps

In an earlier post I shared some of the news about Microsoft's new Windows 10 S operating system. In that post I mentioned that all apps used in Windows 10 S have to be approved by Microsoft for inclusion in the Windows Store. Kahoot is one of the first to get approval.

Kahoot has two Windows 10 apps. Kahoot Create is the app for teachers to use to create and run Kahoot quiz games. Kahoot Play is the app for students to use to play a Kahoot game individually or in team mode

Watch the following video to learn how to create and play Kahoot quiz games. 

Microsoft Unveils a Newish OS to Compete With Chromebooks

Microsoft is clearly feeling pressure from Google's Chrome OS growing popularity in schools. To respond to that pressure Microsoft has launched a new operating system they're calling Windows 10 S. It is essentially a stripped-down version of Windows 10 that is designed to run on inexpensive laptops. Windows 10 S will restrict users to installing only apps that are approved through the Windows Store. Kahoot is one of the first companies to have their Windows 10 S apps approved.

Microsoft says that part of the reason for restricting Windows 10 S to only using approved apps is to improve performance of computers on which Windows 10 S is used.

Windows 10 S laptops will start shipping this summer. The prices are expected to range from $189 to $999. A one-year subscription to Minecraft EDU is included in the purchase price.

I was invited to Microsoft's press conference this morning. When I was pressed for a good reason to attend, the PR rep told me "it will be worth it for your readers" but she wouldn't give me any specifics. I declined their invitation to attend.

If you're interested in learning more about Windows 10 S and Microsoft's attempt to regain marketshare from Google, take a look at the following articles from TechCrunch and The Next Web.

Microsoft’s killer feature for its Chromebook competitor is Office

Windows 10 S will fuel Microsoft’s Chromebook competitors

The $999 Surface Laptop is Microsoft’s expensive answer to Chromebooks

Microsoft unveils Windows 10 S, a more powerful competitor to Chrome OS

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Control What's Projected With Chromecast or Extended Display

Whether it is to quickly search for a video, find a bookmark on Pinterest, or dig-up a file in your Google Drive there are times when you'll find your computer hooked to a projector, but you don't want everything projected in front of your classroom. That's when using the "extended display" mode is handy. Extended display allows you to project one thing while looking at another on your computer's screen.

Let's say you want to find a in your Google Drive, but you don't want to project your entire Google Drive dashboard to your students. With extended display activated you could search within your Google Drive for your file then when you find it you can move its display from your computer's screen to your projector screen. Similarly, if you a Chromecast you can search in your web browser and or have multiple tabs open in your web browser then choose which specific tab to project.

How you extend your display varies slightly depending upon the operating system that you're using on your computer. Mac users can find directions here. Windows 7 users will want to follow these directions. Windows 8 users should follow these directions. Windows 10 users will find these directions helpful. Chromebook users can follow the directions here to connect and extend displays.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Free Guides to Windows 10 Accessibility and Deployment in Schools

A few weeks ago Microsoft released more than 200 free ebooks. Those ebooks cover everything from Windows 10 accessibility settings to keyboard shortcuts to school-wide deployment of Windows 10 (links open PDFs). The list of free ebooks isn't limited to just Windows 10. As you browse the list you will find free guides to OneNote, Outlook, and the entire Office suite. For the IT professionals the list of titles includes plenty of guides to server set-up and maintenance as well as database management.

Applications for Education
If your school is using Windows 10 or will soon be using Windows 10, take a look at the Windows 10 accessibility settings to keyboard shortcuts to help you get up to speed on the basics. The entire library of free Microsoft ebooks can be found here.

H/T to Lifehacker.