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Friday, September 3, 2021

21 Canva Tutorials for Teachers

This is an update to a post that I published earlier this year. Since the original publication I've created a couple more Canva tutorials to bring the list to 21. 

I've been using Canva to make all kinds of graphics and presentations almost since the day it was first available to the public. Over the years I've used to make greeting cards, videos, infographics, presentations, posters, timelines, comics, and many other graphics. And, at one point or another in the last five years, I've made videos about how to make all of those graphics. In not particular order, here's my complete list of Canva tutorials for teachers and students. 

Create Interactive Worksheets With Canva and TeacherMade

How to Create a Timeline on Canva

How to Create Collages on Canva

How to Create a Greeting Card on Canva

How to Use Canva to Create Social Media Graphics

Host Live Q&A in Canva Presentations

How to Customize Icons in Canva

How to Create & Publish Comics in Canva

How to Record a Video Presentation in Canva

How to Use Canva for Online Brainstorming Sessions

How to Create an Audio Slideshow Video With Canva

How to Publish Canva Designs as Websites

How to Create and Publish a Multimedia Poster With Canva

How to Make an Interactive Graphic With Canva

How to Create a Video With Canva

How to Create a Great Presentation With Canva

How to Make Your Font Stand Out in Canva

How to Create a Certificate in Canva

How to Use Canva to Create Webpages

How to Collaborate in Canva

This post originally appeared on If you see it elsewhere, it has been used without permission. Sites that steal my (Richard Byrne's) work include CloudComputin, Today Headline, and 711Web.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Document, Calendar, and Worksheet Templates

We might all dream of a paperless classroom, but the reality is that for now a lot of school work is still done on paper. This paperwork is done by administrators, teachers, and students alike. Microsoft and Google both offer templates to help you design forms, calendars, worksheets, and other paper products to fit your classroom's needs. Microsoft has a gallery of more than 200 templates designed for educators. The gallery includes templates for things like calendars, award certificates, rubrics, flashcards, and worksheets.

The Google Docs template gallery contains thousands of user-created templates labeled for education. Search the public template gallery by clicking the "education" tag then narrowing your search from there.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Custom Math and Handwriting Worksheets

I typically do not write about worksheets or printables, but I do recognize that there are still some uses for them. This is particularly true for lessons intended to help students develop their handwriting skills. Twisty Noodle, a provider of thousands of printable worksheets, has a large selection of free worksheets designed to help students develop their handwriting skills. The handwriting worksheets can be customized by altering the text appearing on the worksheet and the font used on the worksheet. Twisty Noodle also offers basic mathematics worksheets that can be customized.

Applications for Education
A quick Amazon search reveals that worksheet books sell for anywhere between $10 and $1400 (click here for that pricey book). Customizing and printing worksheets from Twisty Noodle could represent a significant cost savings for teachers and schools.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Create a Quiz from a Catalog of Questions

Quizinator is a free service designed to make the process of creating quizzes, exams, and other printable activities a more efficient process for teachers. Quizinator acts as a storage bank for multiple choice, true/false, and free response questions. Quizinator enables you to create a bank of your own questions or pick from their questions to create quizzes. If you create your own questions, you can include images in the question. To create a new quiz simply select the questions you want to appear on your quiz and Quizinator will add them to it. When you've selected all the questions you want, Quizinator will format the quiz for printing.

Where Quizinator shines is in its capacity for creating multiple versions of the same quiz. By selecting questions in a different order Quizinator allows you to rearrange the sequence in which questions appear on your quiz. That beats the heck out of retyping or even copying and pasting questions. Quizinator also provides a drag and drop function for editing the layout and elements appearing on your quiz.

Applications for Education
Quizinator could be a good resource for teachers who have to give the same quiz or test to multiple sections of the same course. Once you have your questions in your Quizinator account you can create many versions of the same quiz just by selecting questions in a different order each time you create a quiz.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Museum of Humor Offers Fun Lesson Plans

The Museum of Humor appeared today the Delicious "most popular" RSS feed. I had never heard of the Museum of Humor prior to today, so I had to check it out. One aspect of the Museum of Humor is a large collection of lesson plans for teaching with humor. In this collection there are links to fun and humorous lesson plans for every content area and grade level. In addition to the lesson plans you will find links to printable fun activities. If you're looking for a fun way to introduce a new topic or review before an assessment, check out the Museum of Humor's lesson plan database.

A quick note about the Delicious "most popular" feed; it's a good place to find new resources, but it does populate quickly and is most commonly populated with links not related to education. That said, if you're willing to sort through the list, you can find some real gems.

Applications for Education
By my nature, I use a lot of humor (okay, cheesy jokes) in my instruction. For some people though, making lessons fun and humorous is not always easy. For those people, the Museum of Humor's lesson plan database could be a valuable resource.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need Graph Paper? Get it Here

Every mathematics teacher I know needs graph paper. If you're a mathematics teacher and find yourself running short on graph paper or you need a graph paper that is different from what your school purchases, try one of these three places for printing graph paper.

Incompetech offers more than forty different graph and lined paper templates. The offerings from Incompetech even includes sheet music ledger.

Print Free Graph Paper offers eight graph paper formats. Print Free Graph Paper allows you to customize the size of the graph before printing.

Math Drills hosts fourteen templates for printing your own graph paper. The templates are in metric and imperial measurements.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Math Worksheet Generator

The Math Worksheet Site offers a mix of free and paid worksheet generators. The free section of the site offers teachers twenty-three worksheet generators covering all aspects of elementary school level mathematics. There are a few options for customizing these worksheets to your liking. Most of the options regard the number of problems that are on each worksheet.

Applications for Education
Try as we might to create paperless classrooms, sometimes teachers still have the urge to reach for a worksheet (old habits die hard, I guess). One of those times when a mathematics teacher might need to quickly create a worksheet is when you have a substitute teacher coming in for the day.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

ESL Printables - Worksheets and Lesson Plans

ESL Printables is a community for ESL teachers to find and share worksheets and lesson plans. I use the term community to describe ESL Printables because of its unique registration policy and use policies. To use ESL Printables you have to be a registered user. Registration is free, but to complete your registration you have to contribute a printable worksheet, lesson plan, or Powerpoint of your own. Every time someone downloads one of your submissions, you also earn points that you can use to download more materials.

Applications for Education
ESL Printables could be a great way to connect with other ESL teachers to exchange ideas. The message boards associated with ESL Printables seem to have an active exchange of ideas.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Math Worksheets

Noetic Learning hosts a mathematics worksheet creation tool. Noetic Learning has a free section and a premium members only section. The free section provides seven easy-to-use templates for creating math worksheets on the topics of addition, subtraction, mulitplication, division, fractions, number lines, and money. I tried the free addition worksheet creator and found it very easy to quickly create a worksheet. I selected the number of problems that I wanted on the worksheet and Noetic Learning auto-generated the problems.

Applications for Education
Noetic Learning's math worksheet creator is a good tool for mathematics teachers that need to quickly create mathematics practice activities.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free Worksheets for Elementary Classrooms is a website designed to help parents, teachers, and students find learning activities, studying tips, advice from other parents, and general education reference materials. What brought me to was a search for reproducible worksheet activities for elementary school classrooms. has reproducible worksheets designed for preschool through fifth grade students. The worksheets can be searched by grade level or by topic. Each worksheet is available in pdf format for free.

Applications for Education
I've never bought a worksheet book for an elementary school classroom, but a quick search of Amazon revealed that a teacher could quickly sink $50 or more to have a set of workbooks sufficient for all subjects taught in an elementary school classroom. The worksheets on could be useful for cutting down on the number of worksheet books an elementary school teacher needs to purchase.

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