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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insightful News Infographics

Mashable has an article today titled 10 of the Web's Most Insightful Infographics. I looked through the list and while I didn't think all of them were great, there were a couple that jumped out at me. Actually the two that I'm going to highlight below are really interactive maps that Mashable called infographics.

Geography of a Recession is an interactive map found on the NY Times website. The map outlines every county in the United States. Click on any county to see the unemployment rate for that county and the increase or decrease in unemployment over the last year.

The World Factbook Dashboard is an interactive map that allows you to color code the world based on statistics including population, infant mortality, GDP, and inflation.

Applications for Education
Both of the interactive maps listed above could be useful for economics lessons for students to compare the economic well being of different parts of the world. You could use these maps as the launching point for further research into the causes of the economic differences between different places.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

KML Factbook - 2D and 3D Mapped Data Displays

The KML Factbook is a great tool for creating mapped displays of all manner of demographic, economic, and political data. The data used in the KML Factbook comes from the CIA World Factbook. The KML Factbook allows users to to select datasets from the CIA World Factbook and display that data on a 2D or 3D map using Google Maps or the Google Earth browser plug-in. After creating your map you can download the file to use offline in Google Earth.

Creating a map is a simple matter of selecting a set data set or sets, choosing 2D or 3D map, and defining the colors and size of placemarks. After making your selections KML Factbook generates the map. If you would like to use your own datasets, you can upload them to the KML Factbook.

Applications for EducationThe KML Factbook could be a useful tool for students of geography, political science, and global economics. Data maps are good for providing students with a means to visually compare data sets. I can see the KML Factbook being a great resource for students to quickly compare development indicators of countries in a region or continent.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Free Technology For Teachers: Global Geografia

Global Geografia is an Italian-based website full of useful resources for Geography and World Studies teachers. Global Geografia offers an index of global statistics (much like the CIA's World Fact Book), satellite imagery of the Earth and the solar system, photo albums, webcams from around the world, and most impressively 360 degree virtual tours of many famous places throughout the world.

Applications for Educators
Global Geografia is a useful, one-stop shopping style, resource for global statistics and images.