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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learn Spanish With Spanish Is Your Amigo

Spanish Is Your Amigo is a series of video lessons taught by YouTube EDU Guru Kristen Williams. The lessons are designed for beginner and intermediate students. The short, upbeat lessons cover the basics of things like letter pronunciation, numbers, syllabic stress, verb conjugation, nouns and articles, and common Spanish phrases. Check out a sample lesson embedded below and the YouTube channel here.

Applications for Education
As I say with almost every series of video lessons, they won't replace direct in-person instruction. But video lessons can be good resources for students who need a review or for students who can benefit from a slightly different wording or way of looking at material.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Check Out These YouTube EDU Gurus

Last month YouTube launched a Star Search of sorts to find the next ten YouTube EDU Gurus. This week those new gurus were revealed and I'm very happy to say that three of them have been featured here on Free Technology for Teachers in the past. Those three are Keith Hughes, Kristen Williams, and Paul Anderson. Their new introductory videos are posted below. Congratulations to all of the new YouTube EDU Gurus. I look forward to all of the new content that you produce.