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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Avoiding Burn-out - What's Your Advice?

The pay is low.
The hours are long.
You're almost guaranteed to catch the "cold of century" every year.
We welcome new people to the profession every year and we see almost as many leave it every year citing "burn-out."
Also every year we celebrate the folks who have made it ten, twenty, thirty, or more years in the classroom. You're the people we want to hear from. What's your advice for avoiding burn-out as a teacher?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Shy Connector's Guide to Conference Awesomeness

Sacha Chua has once again developed a great slidedeck offering tips for shy people who need or want to connect with others. In The Shy Connector's Guide to Getting Ready for Conference Awesomeness Sacha offers steps for shy people to take before, during, and after a conference. This presentation was developed for ITSC 2011 conference, but the strategies can easily be applied to almost any conference setting.
Sacha released a similar slidedeck a couple of years ago that you should also take a few minutes to flip through.
The Shy Connector
View more presentations from Sacha Chua.

Friday, September 3, 2010

131 Tips for New Teachers

On Sunday I asked you to share your best advice for new teachers. In total, after removing the spam submissions, there were 131 submissions. As I promised, I've compiled all of the tips into a Google presentation. When it was listed, I linked to the Twitter account or blog of the person submitting a tip. Thank you to everyone that took the time to submit their best advice for new teachers.

Disclaimer: Publication of the tips in the slides does not mean that they are all endorsed by myself or by the advertisers on Free Technology for Teachers.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Discovery's New Teacher Survival Central

As any veteran teacher will can tell you, the first year is probably the most difficult year because there is so much to learn and do during the first year of teaching. My best advice is to find a mentor teacher who will work with you and help you throughout the beginning of your teaching career. My second piece of advice is to check out Discovery Education's New Teacher Survival Central. On New Teacher Survival Central you will find tips, ideas, and lesson plans that you can use in your classroom. There is a video series on New Teacher Survival Central offering advice on topics such as avoiding burn-out, increasing student engagement, and how to have successful parent-teacher conferences.

Another great source of advice for new teachers can be found in Kelly Hines's blog post Advice to a Newbie: Unwritten Rules.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gradspot - Practical Advice for Graduates

Gradspot is the companion website to the Gradspot Guide to Life After College. The book is available in paperback or for free as an e-book. I explored the Gradspot website for a while today after reading the Center Networks review of the site. In the Center Networks review of Gradspot, Allen Stern focused on the message board aspect of the website. He was right, the message boards appear to be dormant for the most part. That said, there is some great content on Gradspot for soon-to-be college graduates. Some the content could also apply to high school graduates.

As most websites in this genre do, Gradspot offers readers solid advice about job hunting, resume writing, and monitoring/ cleaning digital footprints. For students striking out on their own for the first time, Gradspot offers some very practical advice articles covering everything from cooking at home to choosing a doctor (something I knew nothing about when I graduated from college) to managing debt and finances. Overall, while there is nothing groundbreaking about the site itself, Gradspot does a good job of providing new graduates with some solid advice to help them get off on the right foot.