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Saturday, June 26, 2021

How to Create Interactive Checklists in Google Docs

This week Google announced more than a dozen updates to Google Workspace products. Included in those updates is a new text box feature in Google Documents. The new text box option can be used to create interactive checklists. Those checklists, just like any other Google Document, can be shared with colleagues and students who can then cross off items as they're completed. 

In this short video I demonstrate how you can create interactive checklists in Google Documents. One of the neat things that you'll see in the video is that you can adjust the size and style of the checkboxes by using the font menus in Google Docs.  

Applications for Education
My first thought when seeing the new checklist option in Google Docs was that it could be great for students to use when planning group projects. The group can have their to-do list and all of the details of their plans on the same document instead of having to use a separate task management tool or having to write/re-write comments when a task is completed.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IzzyTodo - Easy To Do List Builder

IzzyToDo is one of simplest and easiest tools for building an online to-do list. IzzyToDo allows you to make multiple lists for multiple objectives. Once you've registered create a "target" or objective and begin adding "items" that you need to do to reach your target. You can try IzzyToDo before registering by using the demo on the homepage.

Applications for Education
IzzyToDo is a simple tool that students can use to set goals and record their progress toward those goals. Breaking large objectives into smaller steps is a good strategy for some students who feel overwhelmed by large projects. IzzyToDo's design is ideal for those students.

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