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Saturday, October 17, 2015

How to Add Annotations to YouTube Videos

This morning at the Colonial Tech Conference in New Castle, Delaware I gave a short presentation on video projects for students. Judging by the audience's feedback, one of the most popular elements of the presentation was a demonstration on how to use YouTube's video annotation tool to create a choose-your-own-adventure series of videos. In the video embedded below I provide a demonstration of how to do that.

The following videos provide a great example of using annotations to create a choose-your-own-adventure video story for students.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How to Add Annotations to YouTube Videos - Video

Adding annotations to YouTube videos is a good way to add little bubbles of information to a video or to create a series of choose your own adventure videos. A great example of using annotations in student-produced videos can be found here. In the video embedded below I provide directions for adding annotations to your YouTube videos. You can also find screenshots of the process in this post.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

wireWax - Create Interactive Videos and Play Videos Within Videos

wireWax is a new service that takes the concept of YouTube annotations and makes it much better. On wireWax you can build interactive tags into your videos. Each tag that you add to your video have another video from YouTube or Vimeo or an image from Facebook, Flickr, or Instagram. A tag can also include an audio track from SoundCloud or a reference article from Qwiki.

What makes using wireWax different from using the YouTube annotations tool is that clicking on your tags (what YouTube calls annotations) does not send you outside of the video you're currently watching. This means that you can watch a video within a video or view a picture or listen to a different audio track within the original video. When you click a tag in the original video the video pauses and the tagged item is displayed.

wireWax allows you to add tags to any YouTube video that is publicly viewable and has not had embedding disabled. I tried wireWax with this five minute video. It took a while (15-20 minutes) for the video to process for tagging, but once it was processed it was easy to create a tag. To create my tag I just advanced the video to the spot I wanted to tag, drew a box around the person I was tagging, then selected the wireWax YouTube app to put a video within the original video. Check it out below by advancing to about the 1.5 minute mark.

Applications for Education
wireWax could be a great tool for adding new layers of information to educational videos. If you're creating videos for your students or your students are creating videos to share with others consider tagging key points at which viewers might have questions. At those points insert tags that reveal clarifying information in the form of a video, an image, or an audio recording.