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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Two Simple Things You Can Do To Increase Communication With Students and Parents

1. Blog consistently. Every year I help teachers create new blogs and every year by the time winter holidays roll around some of those blogs have withered and died on the vine. That happens because teachers get discouraged when their blogs aren't an instant hit with students and parents. Even if they already read other blogs, checking your blog for updates is a new habit for your students and their parents. Give them time to get in the habit. You also have to give them a reason to keep coming back. Post important content consistently and with time you'll have students and their parents checking your blog consistently.

2. Text message. Give students and parents the option to reach you via text messaging. If your students are anything like the under 30 crowd mentioned in this USA Today article, they prefer text messages to email. Give them the opportunity to communicate with you via text through a service like Google Voice (read about what I'm doing this year with Google Voice) or Class Parrot. Both of those services allow you to text from your computer without revealing your personal cell phone number.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Class Parrot - Text Students and Parents for Free

Class Parrot is a new service that enables teachers to send text messages to groups of students and parents. Using Class Parrot teachers send text messages from their computers. Class Parrot keeps the students' and parents' phone numbers private.

Here's how Class Parrot works; teachers create a different group messaging program for each class that they teach. Each group that a teacher creates is assigned a unique opt-in code. Teachers give that code to students and parents. Then if a student or parent would like to receive messages from the teacher, they can simply opt-in by texting the opt-in code to Class Parrot.

Applications for Education
Class Parrot is still in beta so you do have to register and wait for an invitation. That said, Class Parrot could prove to be a great way to send reminders and other important information to students and parents. Class Parrot claims that recipients open 98% of text messages compared to 22% of emails, that alone is a good reason to give their text messaging service a try.