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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bill Cosby Speaks to 2012 Graduates

Graduation season is upon us again. Graduation season brings commencement speakers with advice for graduates. I shared five notable commencement speeches a few years ago. Last night through Kevin Jarrett I learned of Bill Cosby's latest commencement speech to 2012 graduates of Temple University. As always, Dr. Cosby entertains while offering some practical advice for students.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Recession-Proof Graduate

Seth Godin highlighted this ebook/ slideshow this morning on his blog. The Recession-Proof Graduate was created by a recent college graduate, Charlie Hoehn, who leveraged the uses of social media, blogs, and all things web 2.0 to find a job during the depths of the recession. The strategies he shares breaks the mold of the traditional job search methods used by most people. If you know a recent or soon-to-be graduate looking for work, you should consider forwarding this along to him or her.

The Slideshare version of the Recession-Proof Graduate is embedded below.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gradspot - Practical Advice for Graduates

Gradspot is the companion website to the Gradspot Guide to Life After College. The book is available in paperback or for free as an e-book. I explored the Gradspot website for a while today after reading the Center Networks review of the site. In the Center Networks review of Gradspot, Allen Stern focused on the message board aspect of the website. He was right, the message boards appear to be dormant for the most part. That said, there is some great content on Gradspot for soon-to-be college graduates. Some the content could also apply to high school graduates.

As most websites in this genre do, Gradspot offers readers solid advice about job hunting, resume writing, and monitoring/ cleaning digital footprints. For students striking out on their own for the first time, Gradspot offers some very practical advice articles covering everything from cooking at home to choosing a doctor (something I knew nothing about when I graduated from college) to managing debt and finances. Overall, while there is nothing groundbreaking about the site itself, Gradspot does a good job of providing new graduates with some solid advice to help them get off on the right foot.