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Monday, December 18, 2017

About Hardware Recommendations...

I love receiving questions from readers of my blogs and newsletters. There is one type of question that I generally refrain from answering. That type of question is about hardware. (Just to clarify, I do respond to emails with hardware recommendation requests, I just don't make a recommendation). This afternoon I went live on Facebook to explain why I don't make hardware recommendations. The video of my Facebook Live session is embedded below. If you're in a setting where you cannot see or hear the video, read below for a summary.

In short, there are too many variables for me to consider before I can make a recommendation about hardware purchases for a school. In addition to budget constraints, some of the things that I need to be able to account for are who will be using the laptops/ tablets/ Chromebooks, the goals of the IT department, the vision of the school leaders, and existing hardware compatibility concerns. Gathering and accounting for all of that information and more cannot be done well through a few emails.

When I'm working with a school district in an on-going consultation role, I will make hardware recommendations because in those situations I do have much more information available to me. If you are interested in that type of consultation, please get in touch with me at richard (at)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Guides to Understanding Your PC Inside & Out

Make Use Of is one of my favorite tech sites because almost every day I find something useful on it. Yesterday, I discovered Your PC Inside and Out on Make Use Of. Your PC Inside and Out is actually two excellent guides to understanding the various parts of a personal computer and how those parts work together. Part 1 covers chassis, power supply, and motherboard. Part 2 covers CPU, RAM, storage, video card, and expansion. You can view the guides on Scribd (part 1, part 2) or download them as PDFs from the Make Use Of Guides page. I recommend downloading them as I found it easier to read them that way. PC Inside and Out Part 1

Applications for Education
As I read through these guides I couldn't help but think of a recent post by Gary Stager and the subsequent comments by me, him, and others. Many things were covered in Gary's post and in the comments, but what I took away from it (and from having heard Gary speak live) was the idea that students should have knowledge of how the technology they use works. While they're probably not going to go out an build their own computers after reading it, Your PC Inside and Out is a good primer to understanding the basic components of how a PC works.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

HP Learning Center - Free Software and Hardware Lessons

The HP Learning Center offers and extensive list of cheat sheets and tutorials for learning how to use various software and hardware functions. In the HP Learning Center you will find information about digital photography including Photoshop cheat sheets. The "home office" front you'll find plenty of information in both print and video format about utilizing Windows 7 and Office 2007. Need to know how to secure your wireless network? The HP Learning Center has you covered there too. All of the offerings in the HP Learning Center are freely available to anyone willing to take the time to view them.

Applications for Education
Whether you're looking for cheat sheets and tutorials for yourself or you need something to share with your students and colleagues, the HP Learning Center is a good place to start. If your school has a PC-based computer lab, posting a link to the HP Learning Center on the browser homepage of all the computer labs computers would provide your students with a ready database of assistance.

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Build Your Own PC - Learn About PC Hardware

Maximum PC put together the following video demonstrating the construction of a personal computer. Parts or all of this video could be useful for students in a computer course like the computer course on PC construction and maintenance that my high school offers.

How to Build a PC - Every Step Explained from Maximum PC on Vimeo.

For a more general overview of computer hardware, watch Common Craft's Computer Hardware in Plain English.