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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to Create Images, Videos, and Web Pages With Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a new suite of free tools for creating images, videos, and simple web pages. The blog-o-sphere was all abuzz about Adobe Spark late last week so I gave it a try too. Adobe Spark can be used in your web browser or you can download the Adobe Spark video, image, and web page iPad apps. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to create images, web pages, and videos with Adobe Spark in your web browser.

Key features of Adobe Spark's web app include an integrated Creative Commons image search tool, the option to download images as JPEGs, and the option to download your videos as MP4 files.

Applications for Education
You and your students could use Adobe Spark to create short informational videos. The recording feature in Adobe Spark's video editor makes it very easy to precisely control the audio on each part of your videos.

The Adobe Spark web page tool provides students with a great way to tell stories through pictures. And the image tool provides you with a good way to create a graphic that can grab students' and their parents' attention in a social media posting from you or your school.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The New Hive - Build Media Collages

On Sunday afternoon Scott McLeod sent a Tweet my way to tell me to check out The New Hive. And as I have tremendous respect for Scott's work and opinions, I knew that I had to give The New Hive a good look.

The New Hive is a new service that allows you to create online collages of your favorite media and text. It's a bit like Glogster without templates and bubbly artwork predefined for you and it's free unlike Glogster which used to be free. The New Hive provides a blank canvas that you can design with images, videos, audio files, and text. You can quickly re-size and re-position the elements on your pages by draggin and dropping them. The pages that you create on The New Hive can be made public or private.

The New Hive is still in an invite-only beta phase so you will have to request an invitation to try it out. While you are waiting for your invitation, check out the gallery of public The New Hive creations including this one of Dr. Seuss and this one about MCA (I included that one just for the folks of my generation who enjoyed the Beastie Boys).

Applications for Education
I was disappointed to see Glogster slowly eliminate their free offerings, but I understand that they have to make money too. The New Hive could be a good alternative to Glogster for teachers who cannot purchase Glogster licenses. I also like that The New Hive has a little cleaner interface  for users to work on.