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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

National Geographic Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

National Geographic has a daily user-generated photo gallery called the Your Shot Daily Dozen. The Daily Dozen is similar to the BBC's Day in Pictures series. The Daily Dozen contains user-submitted pictures from around the world. Each picture has a small caption containing a description and the location of where the photo was taken. National Geographic has two activities that students can use based on the Daily Dozen pictures, a jigsaw puzzle and a memory game. These activities could be a fun way for students to develop memory skills, matching skills, and puzzle solving skills.

Applications for Education
When I wrote about the BBC's Day in Picture series last year, I titled that blog post BBC's Day in Pictures Worth One Thousand Lessons. National Geographic's Daily Dozen has an equally large number of classroom uses. The images could be used as conversation starters in current events courses, environmental science classes, or photography classes. The images could also be used as story starters for a creative writing class.

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