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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Paste It - A Simple Way to Share Notes

JustPaste.It is a free, simple note sharing service. At its most basic Just Paste It provides an online word processor for writing notes and documents. You can also insert images and videos into your Just Paste It notes. Sharing notes online with Just Paste It is a simple matter of clicking the "publish" button. Clicking publish generates a unique url for your notes that can share with others. Check out my note here.

Just Paste It notes don't have to live entirely online. Notes can be started online or started offline in a MS Word document and imported to Just Paste It for editing and sharing. If you need to print your notes, Just Paste It notes can be downloaded as PDFs for printing.

Applications for Education
Just Paste It could be an easy way for students to quickly share notes with each other. Just Paste It also provides a way for you and your students to convert MS Word documents to a format that can be easily used online.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free PDF to Word Converter

Here's a little tool that I never thought I'd need until I actually needed it today. PDF to Word is simple tool that extracts the text of your PDF documents and converts it to your choice of a Word document or rich text file (RTF). To use it, simply upload your chosen PDF, choose Word or RTF conversion, and enter your email address (don't forget to opt-out of marketing emails, unless you like spam). PDF to Word will email you when your file is ready for download.

Applications for Education
The reason I needed PDF to Word today was that I had some PDFs of quizzes and activities that I had created and saved as PDFs before I knew the joys of Google Docs. I don't remember why I saved them as PDFs, but I'm sure it was a good reason at the time. PDF to Word made it possible for me to edit those quizzes and activities again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Docs Pal - Quick and Free File Conversion

Receiving an email attachment in a file format that is not supported on your operating system can be a frustrating experience for you and the sender. Fortunately, there are free tools like Docs Pal that will convert files into other formats for you. Docs Pal can perform the conversion of twenty-four different document and image file types.

Applications for Education
If your students aren't using Google Docs and your school isn't a 1:1 environment, you might have students creating documents in multiple formats. In that case, chances are good that you will occasionally receive a document attachment in a format that you can't view. Now you could email the students back and ask them to use a different format, but that can be inconvenient for both parties.
Docs Pal provides you with a way to convert the files and get on with your editing and grading of your students' work.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Three Tools for Opening Documents

If you've ever had a student or colleague send you a document that you couldn't open because you did have the right software installed on your computer, these tools are for you.

View Docs Online is the simplest way to open a document. Simply upload a document and View Docs Online will open it and display it for you. Even if you can't open the document on your local computer, you can open it on View Docs Online.

TextMaker Viewer is a free program for Windows users. TextMaker Viewer allows you to open, view, and print most document file formats. Although you can open the files, you cannot edit all documents opened using TextMaker Viewer.

Universal Viewer is another free program for Windows users. Universal Viewer allows you to view documents as well as various image formats.

Applications for Education
While it's preferable to have students use Google Docs or Zoho Writer to create documents, sometimes they may send an attachment that can't be opened on school computers. These tools could be helpful in those situations.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Docuter - Online Document Sharing

Docuter is a free service that allows users to store and share large documents. Docuter claims to support 200 different document and image formats. Docuter is similar to the Scribd document hosting and sharing service that I have previously reviewed. Just as Scribd does, Docuter makes it possible to easily embed documents into your blog or website. Unlike Scribd Docuter doesn't have an easily searchable gallery of shared documents.

Applications for Education
Docuter and Scribd make it possible to embed documents, including PDFs, into your blog or website. Being able to embed a document is good for sharing lecture notes or outlines with students.

Docuter is also a good place for students to create a portfolio of their writings which they can selectively share with others or share with world by embedding their documents in a blog.