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Saturday, January 19, 2019

37 People Signed Up for #EdTechFitness Challenges This Week

One of the new projects for 2019 that I am most excited about is my new Ed Tech Fitness site. As I shared at the end of 2018 I have a few goals for the site. First, to have a space where I would be accountable for exercising my body and mind as it should be. Second, to create a place that other educators could come to share their successes in improving their physical and mental health. Third, to share some technology tips related to time management and fitness. To those ends I created a weekly Ed Tech Fitness newsletter. This week 37 people joined!

The Ed Tech Fitness newsletter is sent on Monday morning. The newsletter contains a weekly challenge (this week's was to do a daily five minute stretching routine) and will contain summary links of anything new that is posted on Ed Tech Fitness. Sign-up here or read more about it here.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Feel Better, Teach Better in 2019 #EdTechFitness

I announced this on my YouTube channel, on Twitter, and on my Facebook page yesterday. If you don't follow me there, here it is. I started a new site for 2019. The site is called Ed Tech Fitness and I created it mostly as an accountability tool for myself to make better health and fitness choices in the new year. But I would love to have company in my quest to get back to eating well and exercising regularly. That's why I created this Flipgrid grid and included it in the Ed Tech Fitness site.

Here's a video about Here's the first post on the new site.