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Monday, November 25, 2019

Three Easy Ways to Create Forms That Accept File Uploads

Last week Microsoft announced that a new file collection option has been added to Microsoft Forms. That feature is the option to accept file uploads in response to questions. The file upload option is already available to some users and is rolling out to others over the next few weeks.

Microsoft Forms isn't the only tool that you can use to collect files through an online form that you create. Google Forms has had that feature for a couple of years now. Watch this video to see how it works.

JotForm is another good tool for creating online forms that accept file uploads. JotForm also lets you create forms that people can fill and sign online. Watch this video for an overview of some of JotForm's key features.

Applications for Education
Creating questions that students can respond to by uploading files can be a great way to collect examples of students' work in one convenient place. The file upload option can also be useful for collecting paperwork like permission slips from students and their parents.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Microsoft Forms Now Supports File Collection

Microsoft Forms offers a good way for teachers to create online quizzes and surveys. Over the last couple of years Microsoft has steadily added more and more features to it. File collection is the latest feature to be added to Microsoft Forms.

File collection in Microsoft Forms lets you create questions that students or parents respond to by uploading a file. Microsoft Forms supports the collection of audio, video, image, PPT, Excel, PDF, and Word files. You can specify the file type that you will accept as a response. You can also specify a maximum file size that you will accept through your form. I learned about this new feature through a Tweet from Mike Tholfsen. His Tweet including the demo video that is embedded below.

File upload is a new feature and is being rolled-out to Microsoft Forms users over the next few weeks.

Applications for Education
The file upload option could be a great way to collect samples of your students' work in one place. This could be a great way to have students turn-in things like spoken responses to questions. Have them record with a simple tool like Vocaroo then upload their audio recordings to your Microsoft Form.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Try DropItToMe to Collect Files from Students and Colleagues

DropItToMe is a free tool that you can integrate with your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneNote account. DropItToMe lets you collect files from anyone and have those files directly deposited into a Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneNote folder. The beauty of using DropItToMe is that people sending files to you don't see the contents of the folder. So rather than creating a shared folder in which everyone can see everything submitted, you create one folder to which anyone can contribute but only you can access the contents. Watch my video embedded below to see how the DropItToMe system works.

Applications for Education
This morning I received an email from a reader who was looking for a way to collect pictures from her school's student body to use in the yearbook. She didn't want to use a shared folder because she didn't want to risk having students accidentally delete files. She also didn't want to use email because then she'd be inundated with email attachments. DropItToMe was the perfect solution for her because she could collect lots of pictures from the student body without having to share a folder or get flooded with email attachments.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dropmark - Simple File Sharing In Your Browser and Now On Your Mac Desktop

Dropmark is a file storing and sharing service that I reviewed back in June. When I tried it then I was impressed by its slick interface and by how easily I could drag files from my desktop to my web browser to store them and or share them with colleagues.

Today, Dropmark released a free Mac app. The free Mac app allows you to upload files to your Dropmark account by just dragging them into your menu bar. Your files will sync to your Dropmark account. You can upload to your Dropmark account single files or complete folders.

Applications for Education
Shared collection folders is one of the handy features of Dropmark that I think some teachers could benefit from using. Create a folder of files that your students will need for a particular unit you're teaching. Share that folder with your students so that they can download the files when they need them. If you update the folder, your students will see the new materials in that folder too. You could also reverse this process and students create folders of their works that they then share with you. This could be a good way to collect digital assignments without cluttering your email inbox.