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Monday, December 16, 2013

Card Kiwi - Create and Study Flashcards Online

Card Kiwi is a new entry into the online flashcard market. Card Kiwi's appeal is in its simplicity. Flashcards on Card Kiwi are text only. As you flip through your flashcards you rate your understanding by simply clicking thumbs up, thumbs down, or thumbs sideways. Card Kiwi will show you the cards that you rate with a thumbs down or thumbs sideways more often than the others until you're using the thumbs up on every card in your set.

Applications for Education
For some students Card Kiwi's simple interface will be exactly what they want in a flashcard service. Card Kiwi does have the option to browse for flashcards that are related to a book. You can search for sets of cards related to books by entering a book's title or ISBN.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Classmint - Create and Share Online Flashcards

Classmint is a free, online flashcard service. Like all of the services similar to it, Classmint can be used to create and share sets of flashcards. One aspect of Classmint that makes it slightly different from some other flashcard tools is that Classmint will read your flashcards to you. Classmint also supports the use of images in your flashcards.

Applications for Education
As I've said for years, I don't make high school students create flashcards as an assignment, they just seem to show up with them. Services like Classmint could be useful to students who like to use flashcards as a method of reviewing before a test. The option to share sets of flashcards does make Classmint a fine option for students who want to help each other create review materials.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

StudyBlue Adds an iPad app

Last fall StudyBlue introduced a free app for creating and studying flashcards on iPhones and Android phones. Today, they've released an updated iPad app. The free StudyBlue iPad app is optimized for tablet display.

The StudyBlue iPad app can be used to create flashcards in three ways. You can enter text, take a picture, or speak into the app. The app can be used by students to review their flashcards in a quiz style or by just flipping through their flashcards. And students can use the app to search for public sets of flashcards in the StudyBlue gallery.

Applications for Education
In a world languages class the free StudyBlue iPad app could be used by students to take pictures of objects and attach the correct spelling to the image.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Printable Flashcards and a Free Flashcard Creator is a new advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. hosts free printable flashcards for reviewing math, science, geography, and language arts facts. The site also has free printable sets of flashcards for use in early childhood settings and flashcards for music lessons. More importantly, has an easy to use template for creating your own printable flash cards. When you have completed the template a printable PDF is generated for you.

Here's how the creator of describes the site:
I know there are a lot of other flash card sites - many have thousands and thousands of card sets. But most of them aren't useful to you or anyone other than the person who created them. (e.g. Mr. SeƱor's Spanish test, chapter 3) We only publish card sets that are of general use to everyone. But anyone can make themselves a set of flash cards, no matter now specific their need, using the awesome flash card maker. It's handy if the ready made card sets don't have exactly what you want.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Easy Notecards - Easy Flashcards

Easy Notecards is a new online flashcard service that I recently learned about through Vicki Davis's blog. Easy Notecards allows you to create flashcards that are text-based and create flashcards that utilize images.

Like many other online flashcard services, Easy Notecards provides a gallery of public sets of flashcards. Some of the flashcard sets in the public gallery are connected to textbooks. This is accomplished when users creating flashcards opt to enter information about the textbook from which they are working to create flashcards. For example, if I was creating a set of flashcards about the American Civil War and using the textbook The Americans, I could enter the book title and chapter that matches the flashcards I am creating. Then when others search the gallery of flashcards they could search by topic or search by textbook title.

Applications for Education
Easy Notecards is quite new so the selection of public flashcard sets and textbooks is somewhat limited right now. That said, I think the option to associate textbooks with flashcard sets could be a great feature as more content is added to Easy Notecards.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mr. Printables - Flashcards and More for K-2

Mr. Printables is a nice little resource for locating printable flashcards, games, puzzles, coloring pages, calendars, and more. The flashcards are designed for use with young students learning things like the alphabet, basic vocabulary, shapes, and basic mathematics. The flashcards include pictures intended to help students recall the content on the flashcards. All of the materials are available as PDFs that you can download and reuse for non-commercial purposes.

Applications for Education
Pre-K and early elementary school teachers should find Mr. Printables to be a handy little resource. Even if you don't use the resources in your classroom, you might want to consider referring parents to the site to find materials to use at home with their children.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Smash Cards - Augmented Reality Flashcards

Smash Cards is a new service offering augmented reality flashcards. Smash Cards is still in a closed beta, but when I learned about it from Scott McLeod I knew I had to pass it along. The purpose of Smash Cards is to add value to the flashcard experience. Here's how it works; a student holds a flashcard up to a webcam and images matching the words on the flashcard. The goal is to provide students with a visual reference to aid in recall. Watch the video below to see Smash Cards in action.

Augmented Reality Phonics from SmashCards on Vimeo.

If you're not sure what augmented reality is, watch Common Craft's explanation below.

Applications for Education
I'm interested to see if augmented reality flashcards make a difference in students' recall abilities. I've applied for the Smash Cards beta even though I teach high school and the cards seem to be targeted to elementary school use. If you're an elementary school teacher interested in trying Smash Cards, click Try It on the Smash Cards site to sign up for the beta.