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Sunday, December 3, 2017

RWT Flip Book - Free Flip Book Creator for Kids

Read Write Think offers a lot of great tools to help you get your students interested in writing. One of those tools is the RWT Flip Book app. The RWT Flip Book app is available for iPad, for Android, and for use in your web browser (Chrome or Firefox is recommended).

RWT Flip Book lets students create books by typing or by drawing on the pages in their books. There is a variety of page templates that students can choose to use within their books. Some templates are text-only, some are drawing-only, and some are a mix of drawing and text templates. To use RWT Flip Book students simply open the app, enter their first names, then start creating their first pages.

Applications for Education
RWT Flip Book could be a good choice for use in elementary school classrooms. Students do not need to have email addresses in order to use the app and multiple students can use the same installation of the app. RWT Flip Book could be used by students to write fiction stories. You might also consider having your students use RWT Flip Book to write and organize their notes.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calameo - Multimedia Publishing to iPads and More

Calameo is a great way to publish your documents in a manner that makes them accessible across a wide variety of platforms including the iPad. Peter Vogel told me about Calameo a couple of weeks ago. I finally got a chance to try it out this week and I really like it.

Using Calameo you can publish your documents in a flip-book or magazine style with page-turning effects. You can add a background soundtrack to your document. You can also specify the sounds that viewers hear when they turn the pages in your documents. Your Calameo documents can be published and shared using Calameo's HTML5 embed codes (makes your document iPad compatible). Published documents can be annotated by content publishers and viewers (that option can be disabled).

I've embedded a sample document below. I did not use the sound effects option for this document.

Applications for Education
Calameo offers a nice way for students to showcase some of their best works. The annotation option could be good for having students comment on each other's works. You could also use the annotation option to compliment students on something that they did particularly well.