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Monday, January 22, 2018

Desmos Classroom Activities - Lessons With Online Graphing Calculators

This post originally appeared a few years ago. I'm sharing it again because Desmos was just added as an option in OneNote

Desmos is a free graphing calculator that is available to use in your web browser and as an Android and iPad app. The Desmos calculator performs all of the functions you would expect to see in a graphing calculator with a couple of extras that you don't find in typical graphing calculators. Desmos allows you to share your equations and graphs. Desmos graphs your equations as you type them and redraws them as you alter your equations.

Applications for Education
Desmos offers a good collection of resources for teachers. The teacher resources page features a dozen pre-made activities that you can distribute to students. The activities take advantage of the functions in Desmos while helping your students learn about graphing, problem modeling, algebra, and geometry. Once you've reviewed some of the pre-made activities in Desmos you can use the Desmos activity builder to create your own lessons and distribute them to your students.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Symbolab - An Online Graphing Calculator and More

Symbolab is a service that launched four years ago. When I tried it then I described as a cross between Google and Wolfram Alpha. I described it that way because Symbolab would conduct a search for answers to math problems and also display the steps needed to complete the problem. Additionally, Symbolab provides links to blog posts that explain how various equations and functions help to solve problems.

Recently, a Symbolab developer contacted me about some new features of the service. First, Symbolab is now more than just a search tool. It includes a free graphing calculator and a free integrals calculator. Symbolab has also added a neat chemical reactions calculator. Finally, students can now find practice problems on Symbolab. The practice problems cover a wide array of topics in math. Most topics cover in the practice problems are accompanied by helpful videos for students to review if they get stuck on a problem.

Applications for Education
There are other sites and apps that provide similar services to those of Symbolab. Not being a math teacher myself, I can't say that Symbolab is inherently better than its competitors. I will point out that it's nice to have multiple options for students to choose from when looking for free scientific calculators.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

GeoGebra Exam Mode Lets You Choose Which Tools Your Students Can Use During Tests

GeoGebra, a free mathematics modeling tool, seems to be continuously improving and in the process becoming more and more popular with teachers. Thanks to Guillermo at Math and Multimedia, last weekend I learned about GeoGebra's exam mode.

GeoGebra's exam mode allows you to specify which GeoGebra tools can and cannot be used during an exam. Exam mode runs in full screen so that students cannot access other browser tabs while using GeoGebra during an exam. If a student does exit the full screen the top of the screen turns to make it easy for a teacher to spot when a student has exited full screen mode.  GeoGebra keeps a log of when students start using exam mode, when the exit full screen, and when the re-enter exam mode.

Applications for Education
GeoGebra offers an extensive set of suggestions and guidelines for using exam mode. One of the suggestions that stood out to me was the idea of coming up with an "emergency protocol" with your students in case they accidentally leave exam mode or their computers freeze.