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Monday, September 24, 2012

Study Champs Offers Math, English, and Science Practice Activities

Study Champs is a free service offering online practice quizzes in mathematics, language arts, and science. The online quizzes are essentially online worksheets that offer instant feedback as to whether or not you've entered the correct answer on each question. Study Champs also offers printable worksheets.

Applications for Education
I'm generally not a fan of worksheets or fill-in-the-blank online activities, but I know that some people do like them. If you are looking for some simple online practice activities for your students to use after your lessons, Study Champs might have what you want.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Progressive Phonics - Free Reading Program

Progressive Phonics is a free series of ebooks that teachers and parents can use to help their students learn to read and write. Progressive Phonics offers free ebooks that cover everything from learning the alphabet to learning to write to learning the construction of words and sentences. As the name implies, Progressive Phonics arranges the series of free ebooks to build upon each other. You do have to register for the service, but once you do you can download the ebooks.

Thanks to my Google Teacher Academy buddy Kristen Swanson for sharing this great resource. Subscribe to her blog today.

Applications for Education
Progressive Phonics could be an excellent free resource for anyone tasked with teaching children how to read and write. The directions for the activities in the books that I downloaded appear to be very clear so as to very accessible to young learners. 

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Document, Calendar, and Worksheet Templates

We might all dream of a paperless classroom, but the reality is that for now a lot of school work is still done on paper. This paperwork is done by administrators, teachers, and students alike. Microsoft and Google both offer templates to help you design forms, calendars, worksheets, and other paper products to fit your classroom's needs. Microsoft has a gallery of more than 200 templates designed for educators. The gallery includes templates for things like calendars, award certificates, rubrics, flashcards, and worksheets.

The Google Docs template gallery contains thousands of user-created templates labeled for education. Search the public template gallery by clicking the "education" tag then narrowing your search from there.

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