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Thursday, December 10, 2020

A Show About Teachers That I'm Looking Forward to Watching Again

Back when I was spending a fair bit of time in Canada there was a show on the CBC that I loved to watch whenever I could. It was called Mr. D and I couldn't get enough of it. A season or two of it has been available on Hulu here in the U.S. in the past and now it's coming to Amazon Prime in its entirety. 

On Amazon Prime the show will be called Mr. D The Gym Teacher instead of just Mr. D as it was on the CBC.  The show is loosely based on the stories of teacher-turned-comedian Gerry Dee. Yes, it's a sitcom about teachers, principals, and school librarians. And yes, it's hilarious!

Mr. D lasted eight seasons which is far longer than any other sitcom about teachers that I can remember. That was possible because the show featured an actor and writer who actually spent years teaching instead of just relying on some cliché Hollywood ideas of teachers. You can watch some snippets of the show on Gerry Dee's Facebook page and Twitter account

We all need something to look forward to that we can do at home these days. Flipping on Mr. D The Gym Teacher and having a good beer or wine cooler (a joke you'll get if you watch the show) after my kids go to bed is what I'm looking forward to on Saturday night. If you don't have Amazon Prime you can get a 30 free trial right here

Friday, October 6, 2017

Fun With Bitmoji

Bitmojis are everywhere! They are found in emails, text messages, Twitter, and Facebook as well as countless other places online. If you have ever experienced bitmoji envy because you weren't quite sure how to create one, then today is your lucky day.

There are a couple of ways you can start the process of creating your bitmoji. You can either add the Bitmoji Chrome extension to your browser or you can download the app. The extension will allow you to access your bitmoji directly from your browser or from Gmail. Whether you are working from your browser or from the app, you will go through a series of screens where you will customize every aspect of your bitmoji. Once you are finished, you will have access to a fun cartoon avatar of yourself that you can use virtually anywhere on the web.

Applications for Education
Bitmojis are a fun and creative way to express yourself. You can use your bitmojis as motivational stickers. You can add them to emails and include them on Google Docs as a unique way to provide additional feedback. There are so many ways to use these images! Just remember to have fun with them!