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Monday, November 7, 2011

Add a Pop-up Dictionary to Google Chrome

One of my favorite Google Chrome extensions is a product called Apture. Apture allows you to highlight any word on a webpage then right-click to reveal a dialogue box containing definitions, images, videos, and articles related to that word. While Apture is great, sometimes you just want to quickly find a definition. That's where Google Dictionary comes in handy. With Google Dictionary installed in Chrome you can highlight and click on any word to reveal its definition and hear it pronounced. In video below Tekzilla provides an overview of Google Dictionary.

Applications for Education
Both Google Dictionary and Apture that can make students more efficient in processing information that they read online. Rather than opening another browser tab to look up the definition of a word they can simply highlight it and find the definition on the same page.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New from Google - Dictionary & Search Translation

Last week Google added a couple of new features to its services. Google now offers their own dictionary. The dictionary is available in twenty-eight languages.

Google also added a new search option. Users can now translate their search terms and search results without having to cut and paste into Google Translate. To use the new search translation, enter your search terms then select translate from the "more options" menu.

Applications for Education
The new search translation option could be useful for ESL students and students studying foreign languages. The dictionary option enables students to locate definitions of words in twenty-eight languages.

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