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Monday, July 9, 2018

Create Your Own Search Engine

Last week I saw some folks on Twitter sharing a link to a site called Kidy that advertised itself as an "intellegent, safe search engine for kids." I checked out the site and found that it was just an implementation of a Google Custom Search Engine that anyone can create. The implementation on Kidy was also lacking in the amount of sources it indexed. I tried five varied searches and in each case all of the results appeared to come from a small selection of sources like PBS, National Geographic, Encyclopedia Britannica (no better than using Wikipedia), NASA, and Anyone could replicate that search engine and or improve upon it by using Google's Custom Search Engine tool.

Take a look at my video and slides below to learn how you can create your own custom search engine.

Slides of the process are embedded below.

Applications for Education
Creating your own search engine can be a good way to help students limit the scope of their searches. For example, when you're teaching younger students about search strategies you might want to have them use a search engine that only indexes a few dozen websites so that you can have some assurance that they won't be landing on pages of questionable content.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

50+ Google Tools Tutorial Videos

Earlier today I conducted three webinars about various Google tools for teachers. Each of those webinars was only thirty minutes long so there wasn't a lot of time for individual questions. Since the webinars ended I've had a bunch of emails from folks looking for more instruction. My playlist of Google tools tutorials currently has more than 50 videos covering topics like Google Sites, Blogger, YouTube tricks, Google Calendar settings, and Google Drive features. The playlist can be found here or you can view it as embedded below.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Activities for Introducing Google Tools to Teachers and Students

I've mentioned my favorite resources PD site in the past. This evening I would like to point out that this month I added some new resources to it. Now if you visit my PD site you will find a series of activities that you can use to introduce teachers and students to various Google tools including Google Sites, Blogger, Advanced Search, Google Maps, Books, Bookmarks, Google Docs, and Google Groups. Feel free to use and adapt the activities I've outlined the next time you're introducing teachers or students to these helpful Google tools.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy

Over the years I've written about many different ways that Google tools can be used in the classroom. In fact, there are so many Google tools that can be used in the classroom that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Fortunately for all of us Kathy Schrock has created an excellent resource to address that problem. Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy is an interactive graphic that lists and links to Google tools that can be used to accomplish the tasks associated with each level of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.

Read Kathy Schrock's blog post in which she explains why she created this helpful interactive graphic.

Applications for Education
The next you're designing a lesson and you're wondering if Google has a resource to help you accomplish your lesson goals, check out Google Tools to Support Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.