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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Providing Feedback with Peergrade

Peergrade is a platform that allows teachers to make sure students receive meaningful feedback on all of their work. Teachers create an assignment and a rubric then students upload their work. They set a hand in time for when all work has to be uploaded. Once that time passes, the uploaded assignments are randomly distributed to students who then provide anonymous feedback. Students receive their feedback which teachers can see as well.
There is also an option that allows students to grade their own work and for teachers to provide feedback as well.

Peergrade can be integrated with several popular LMS's including Canvas and Moodle. The basic level of Peergrade is free while there is a fee for Peergrade Pro and the Institution level.

Applications for Education
Peergrade solves a problem that many teachers who have asked their students to peer review have experienced. That problem is lack of depth in the feedback that students give to each other. Peergrade can help you guide your students into providing more meaningful feedback to each other.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Collaboratively Annotate PDFs on Your iPad

On Sunday I ran a post about using Crocodoc to collaboratively annotate PDFs online. One aspect of Crocodoc that I forgot to mention is that it uses HTML5 which means that it will work on iPads. I was reminded of this aspect today when TechCrunch ran a story announcing Crocodoc's newest features for app developers. Try the personal version of Crocodoc here.

Applications for Education
As I wrote on Sunday, Crocodoc could be very useful for students to use for peer editing activities. In the comments of my Sunday post Maru Busico-Flight shared the idea of using Crocodoc to grade and comment on  her students papers then return them online.