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Friday, October 6, 2017

Using NoRedInk to Spice Up Grammar Lessons

NoRedInk is a service that helps teachers create differentiated grammar lessons that are personalized for each student. Teachers start by creating a free account, adding their classes, placing students in those classes, then adding different types of assignments to the classes.

NoRedInk has three core features including curriculum, assignments, and student data. The curriculum library has over hundreds of skills to practice that range from identifying parts of speech to using appropriate transition words and phrases. From the assignment tab you can create new assignments or see a list of existing assignments. The student data page allows you to monitor student progress in real time.

What makes NoRedInk more interesting for students is that when the create their accounts they get to select people and topics that interest them. This includes movies, celebrities, sports stars, and musicians. Students can further customize their account by adding the names of their friends and pets. This personalized information will be used by NoRedInk to create unique assignments for each student.

NoRedInk is free for teachers, parents, tutors, and anyone who wants to improve their grammar. There is premium version that is available for schools and districts that wish to unlock additional features.

  Welcome to NoRedInk from NoRedInk on Vimeo.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Quill Adds 50 New Passages to Their Free Interactive Writing Lessons

Quill is a free service that puts a new spin on the old writing worksheets that most of us used in middle school. Essentially, Quill provides lesson activities based on written passages about people, places, things, and events. Each passage contains errors that students have to correct while they are reading. Quill recently added 50 new passages to their library of activities.

There are three activity categories within Quill. Those activities are Quill Proofreader, Quill Grammar, and Quill Writer. In Quill Proofreader students are shown students passages that have grammatical errors placed in them. Students have to identify and correct the errors in the passages that they read. Quill Grammar requires students to complete short exercises in which they finish the construction of sentences by inserting the correct words and or punctuation marks. In Quill Writer activities students work together to construct sentences from a shared word bank.

Applications for Education
You can assign Quill activities to your students through your teacher dashboard. Once you create an account on Quill you can create a class and distribute assignments. Your class will have a code that your students enter when they sign in to use Quill. After creating your class you can start to browse through the pre-made Activity Packs. Each Activity Pack is labeled according to skill type, grade level, and Common Core standards.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

GrammarFlip - Online Grammar Lessons for Students

GrammarFlip is a free service that offers an extensive set of grammar lessons. The basic format of the lessons in GrammarFlip is a video and slideshow followed by a couple of review exercises. The content of the video is based on the slideshow. The video in the lesson is essentially a narration of the slides. The review exercises in GrammarFlip lessons are a mix of multiple choice questions and fill-in-the-blank questions.

Applications for Education
Teachers can register on GrammarFlip and create online classrooms. Once you have created a classroom on GrammarFlip students can join it by entering an access code that you assign to the room. Within your GrammarFlip classroom you can distribute lessons and track your students' progress on the lessons that you have assigned to them.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tap to Learn Grammar App

Tap to Learn produces educational apps for Android and iOS. I recently installed their Grammar app on my Nexus 7 tablet. The Tap to Learn Grammar app for Android offers more than 200 self-paced grammar lessons. The lessons don't have videos embedded in them, but there are links to external videos hosted on YouTube. After working through a lesson students can test put their new knowledge to the test in quizzes that provide instant feedback. The app records students' progress for them.
Applications for Education
Using Tap to Learn's Grammar app isn't a revolutionary approach to learning. That said, if you're looking for an Android app that your students can use to practice and track their progress in developing their grammar skills.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ten Grammar Games and Lesson Resources

1. Grammar Ninja is a fun game for students to play as they develop a working knowledge of the parts of speech. Grammar Ninja has three levels for students to work through. As long as you answer questions correctly, they continue through the game, but answer incorrectly and the words explode.

2. Mad Libs offers a widget that you can install on your blog to allow visitors to play Mad Libs. I've always thought that having a "fun element" on your classroom blog is a good way to keep students actively visiting the blog without prompting from you. If you're an English teacher, the Mad Libs widget might be something to consider adding to your blog.

3. Great Source iWrite from the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt company features an awesome animated and narrated glossary of grammar terms. In this glossary you will find animated, narrated videos explaining the use of punctuation. You can also find the same type of video explaining the parts of speech and mechanics of writing.

4. Grammar Bytes is a great website for Language Arts teachers. Grammar Bytes offers teachers and students a glossary of terms, handouts, interactive exercises, and slide show presentations. There are eighteen slide show presentations available for free download from Grammar Bytes. Each slide show is accompanied by a handout for students to complete as they view each presentation.

5. Daily Writing Tips is a blog that I've mentioned in the past as a good source of content about writing in English. Recently, they announced the release of an ebook about English grammar. The ebook is 34 pages long and is free to anyone that subscribes to their email newsletter. Visit Daily Writing Tips for all of the details about the ebook.

6. The Houghton Mifflin Company produces Grammar Blast. Grammar Blast offers 35 interactive grammar activities for students in grades two through five.

7. The Grammar Practice Park produced by Harcourt School Publishers provides 12 games for students in grades three, four, and five.

8. The British Council's Learn English website offers 69 interactive activities for learning the rules of grammar. The activities are not listed by grade level so you will have to preview them to determine which activities are best suited for your students.

9. Scholastic Inc. has a page for elementary age students called Maggie's Learning Adventures. On Maggie's Learning Adventures visitors will find five grammar activities as well as activities for learning Spanish, Math, and Science.

10. The BBC's Skillswise website is a great resource for a wide variety of content areas. On the grammar and spelling page there are 21 activities suitable for students of middle school and high school age.

Image credit "The Grammar Police" by Flickr user the_munificent_sasquatch

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