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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pegby - Plan, Assign, and Track Tasks

Pegby is a good website for organizing the tasks that you and or your team need to get done. Pegby is set up like a corkboard with index cards stuck to it. The corkboard has three columns to place your index cards on. A column for things to do, a column for things in progress, and a column for things that are done. Each index card can be assigned to a person, can have files attached to it, and can have due dates assigned to it. You can use Pegby as an individual or you can share your corkboard with others. Watch the video below to learn about Pegby.

Pegby in Two Minutes from Pegby on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Pegby could be a great tool for teachers trying to plan out a week's or month's worth of lessons. I think it will be a snap to just move an index card to the "in progress" or "done" column to match where you are in your curriculum. For someone like me who teaches multiple sections of the same course, Pegby could really help me keep track of what I had done with which classes. In fact, I plan to give it a real try next fall. Of course, Pegby could also be helpful for students working on group projects to assign tasks and keep track of who had done what.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Enter the Group - Collaborative Project Management

Enter the Group is a new free service offering collaborative project management for groups. Enter the Group features a calendar, messaging, and file sharing for your group members. If you want to keep your project just between friends, you can create a private group. If you want the whole world to see your project, you can make a public group.

To get started you can create an Enter the Group account or sign-in using your Twitter or Facebook credentials. Once you're logged in, click "create new project." Then specify some details about your project and invite others to your group. It really is quite easy to get started.

H/T to Kristen Swanson.

Applications for Education
Enter the Group could be useful for teachers that work in academic teams to plan interdisciplinary projects. Enter the Group could also be used by students to coordinate the completion of group projects. The fact that users can log-in using Facebook credentials removes the hurdle of having to remember another username and password.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kohive - Group Collaboration & Project Management

Google Docs, Zoho Writer, and services like them are good for collaborative document and presentation creation. What they lack however is a way for groups to assign tasks to its members and to keep track of those tasks as they're completed. This where Kohive comes in. Kohive provides a suite of tools for collaborative project creation and project management.

In Kohive you can create multiple group projects and manage each project separately. Kohive provides a desktop-like suite of tools such as stickies, documents, scheduling, and file sharing that all members of your group can access. You can also share videos, share pictures, and create drawings (think team whiteboarding) on Kohive.

Learn more about Kohive in the video below.

Kohive Intro from Edward Sanchez on Vimeo.

Applications for Education
Kohive could be useful for middle school and high school students working on group projects. As the teacher you could be a member of each group and check-in on each group's task assignment and progress. That access and information could be handy if the group doesn't work well together and starts to accuse individuals of not pulling their weight.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zoho Notebook Adds More Usability Features

Last week Zoho added a new search option for use within Zoho Notebook. Yesterday, Zoho announced some more useful options with Zoho Notebook. Now moving items within notebooks and between notebooks has been made easier through a "move object" option. The "move object" option should make it easier to organize notebooks.

Zoho has added another feature that could be very handy for some students. Now when something is deleted from a Zoho Notebook it is moved to a "trash" folder. If an item is in the "trash" it can be restored. Previously when an item was deleted it was permanently deleted.

Applications for Education
Zoho Notebook can be used for individual organization of research or for collaborative work by a group of users.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

StudyBlue - Collaborative Study Tools

Study Blue is a website for students to share and collaborate on the creation of study tools. High School and college students can share notes from class, create multi-media flashcards, email, and share calendars using Study Blue. Students can establish study groups or search for study groups already created on Study Blue. One of the better features of Study Blue is that students can use it by signing in with their Facebook login credentials. Students may forget the login information for a stand-alone website but they never forget their Facebook login information.

Applications for Education
Study Blue is a good tool for encouraging students to work and study together.
The Facebook sign-in option eliminates for most students the obstacle of "I forgot my password."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Teambox - A Collaborative Team Workspace

Teambox is a free service that allows you to create and manage a collaborative workspace for team projects. Within your workspace you can create a calendar of due dates, chat with team members, send emails, and most importantly post and edit files. If you create a group on Teambox, you are automatically the administrator of the group. As the group's administrator you can send invitations for others to join the group, determine who does and doesn't have editing rights, and monitor all group member activities in the Teambox.

Applications for Education
Teambox could be a useful tool for monitoring the progress of students that are working on group projects. Your students could also use Teambox on their own to coordinate the roles and tasks of each group member.
Teambox could also be a useful tool for teachers working on teaching teams to coordinate tasks that need to be completed.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Group Table - Group Academic Planner

Group Table is a new collaboration tool designed for students. Group Table can be used by students to plan group projects, share resources, store files, and email each other. I gave Group Table a test drive this evening and found it to be easy to set up an account and create groups. The binder feature is a good utility for organizing files relevant to your group. Group Table is intended for use by college students, but it could also be useful for high school students. Two similar tools that high school students may want to try are Wiggio and Soshiku.

Applications for Education
Group Table could be a good resource for high school and college students to share notes, share files, and organize group projects. Group Table could be particularly useful for students taking courses that only meet once a week, but need to share thoughts and comments about the readings for the course.