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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Giving Getting - Give or Get Free Stuff

Giving Getting is a new service, launched in January, with the goal of helping people exchange free material gifts. The process for using Giving Getting seems straight-forward. If you're in need of something, register and request it. Giving Getting will then try to match you with a donor that has that item to give.

Applications for Education
An unfortunate fact about teachers is that many of us spend money out of our own pockets for classroom supplies. A service like Giving Getting could help teachers reduce the need to dig into their own pockets to buy classroom supplies.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

iLove Schools - Free Classroom Supplies

iLove Schools is a non profit organization that aims to provide teachers with classroom supplies that their schools don't provide. iLove Schools operates in a manner similar to that of Donors Choose and Class Wish. To get classroom supplies teachers register on iLove Schools and create a list of items that they would like to have for their classrooms. Donors can visit iLove School to choose a classroom to which they would like to donate supplies.

Applications for Education
As school budgets get tighter and tighter in response to the economy, services like iLove Schools are going to become more valuable to teachers. If you find yourself needing classroom supplies you may want to consider trying a service like iLove Schools before dipping into your own pockets.

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