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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Skaffl - Distribute, Collect, and Grade Assignments on Your iPad

Skaffl is a free iPad app that is designed to help you distribute, collect, and grade assignments on your iPad. Like similar apps, on Skaffl you can create classrooms that your students join through a class code. Once your classroom is created you can distribute assignments and hand-outs to your students. Assignments can be created in the app or you can attach items created outside of the Skaffl app. Your students can submit work through the app. You can grade your students’ assignments directly within the app. Assignments that aren’t going to be graded (a rough draft of an essay, for example) can be annotated by you to provide students with ungraded feedback.

Applications for Education
Skaffl could be a good solution for teachers who want a simple way to distribute and collect assignments without wading through a myriad of extra features that they won’t use.

If you're looking for a similar app that does a little bit more than Skaffl, take a look at Otus, GoClass, or Nearpod.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Create Whiteboard Recordings on the Updated eduClipper iPad App

The popular digital portfolio and bookmarking service eduClipper has released an updated iPad app that offers four awesome new features. The most notable of these features is whiteboard recording. This new feature allows you to create explanatory videos in a Khan Academy style or to narrate and annotate an item from your eduClipper library. Complementing the whiteboard recording feature is a new option to download your eduClips to your iPad or to Airdrop them to a computer.

The other new eduClipper iPad app features are updated annotation tools and a new notification center. The annotation tools now include options for changing the thickness of your lines, new line and font colors, and new font style choices. The new notification center resembles that of Google+ in that you're able to go back and view all notifications on each of your eduClips.

Applications for Education
The new option to create whiteboard videos in the eduClipper iPad app could be fantastic for having students explain their understanding of how to solve a mathematics problem. Those videos can then be added to their portfolios in eduClipper where you can then review them.

Disclosure: I am an advisor to eduClipper with a very small equity stake in the company.