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Thursday, August 24, 2017

TinyTap Introduces a New "Houdini" Mode for Educational Games

TinyTap is a great tool for creating your own educational games for students to play on their iPads or on their Android tablets. Earlier this year they added an option to create games that have voice response features. For the new school year TinyTap has added another new feature. The new feature is called Houdini mode and it lets you create games in which students can make an image or part of an image appear or disappear based on how they answer a quiz question.

See TinyTap's Houdini mode in action in the video embedded below.

Watch the videos in the TinyTap handbook to learn how to start creating your own iPad and Android games.

Friday, February 24, 2017

TinyTap Handbook - Tutorials for Making Interactive iPad Activities

TinyTap is a great tool for creating interactive, educational activities that your students can play on their iPads, on their Android tablets, or on their laptops. I have recommended TinyTap to at least five people in the last week. If you're looking for a way to create iPad games, TinyTap is the first tool that I'd try. To get started, take a look at the videos in the TinyTap handbook to learn all of the formats in which you can create activities for your students. The TinyTap handbook playlist is embedded below.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Winning Words - Fun Word Games for Kids

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Winning Words is the developer of seven free word games for students to play on their iPads. All of the games use the same style as the classic Memory card game. For example, in Antonym Match students have to flip over one card that has a word written on one side. Then they have to flip over another card to try to find the antonym to the first word they saw. If a match isn’t found the cards flip over and the player has to start again.

Antonym Match can be played by up to four people at a time. You can choose a level of difficulty and the number of cards displayed in each game.

There are six similar games offered by Winning Words. Those games are Synonym Match, Homophone Match, Compound Word Match, Singular and Plural Match, Verb Match, and Double Letter Match. All of the Winning Words games can be found here.

Applications for Education
The Winnings Words games are free and do not require registration in order to play them. That makes these apps a nice option for a quick review activities in elementary school classrooms.

Friday, October 14, 2016

TinyTap Courses - Create Interactive Lessons for iPad & Android

TinyTap is an excellent tool for creating your own educational games that your students can play on their iPads, Android tablets, or in the web browser on their laptops. I have been demonstrating the platform in workshops for elementary schools for a few years. It has been a hit every time I show it off.

This week TinyTap introduced a new feature called TinyTap Courses. TinyTap Courses lets you organize your games into thematically-aligned units. You can also include games made by other TinyTap users who have publicly shared their games.

You can create TinyTap games by importing or taking pictures then highlighting parts of the images to serve as answer choices. Another way to create games is to include text that students have to correct or complete in a fill-in-the-blank and or multiple choice fashion.

Applications for Education
In their announcement of the courses feature, TinyTap gives the example of creating a unit of study about grammar. TinyTap's example is, "when teaching students about grammar, they can include separate activities for nouns, verbs, and sentence structure, allowing students to process related subject matter."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Cargo Bot - An iPad Game About Logic

Cargo Bot is a fun and challenging game that students can play to learn some principles of logic and programming. The object of the game is to program a robot to complete increasingly complex sequences of tasks. Students start out by programming the robot to move one box from point A to point B. After successfully programming the robot students are advanced to programming more complex tasks like a repeating loop of movements and staggered movements.
A program gone wrong!

Applications for Education 
Cargo Bot is a free iPad game that could be used by students in elementary school and middle school. Playing Cargo Bot could be a good way for students to develop their skills in logical thinking. Students who get stuck on a level can click the "hints" button to get a little bit of help programming the robot.


Monday, November 19, 2012

Sproutster - Spell Words and Support the UN World Food Program

Sproutster is a free iPad game that has a concept similar to the one behind Free Rice. The difference between the two games is that Sproutster wants you to spell words and Free Rice wants you to guess the definition of words.

Sproutster asks you to spell three to five letter words by catching letters in a bucket as the letters rain down on you. You don't need to catch all of the letters. You just need to catch letters in sequence to spell any word that you like (proper nouns don't count). When you have spelled a word dump it out to make a plant grow. When the plant has reached its full size you move on to the next level. For each plant that is grown Sproutster donates 30-50 grains of rice to the UN WFP.

Applications for Education
Sproutster could be a fun way for students to practice spelling simple words. If your students have a vocabulary list that they are studying in your classroom, have them try spelling the words on that list. My one complaint about Sproutster is that even on the first level the letters fall very quickly. I would like to see a level on which the letters move just a little bit slower.

Thanks to Jen Deyenberg for sharing this fun app. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Create Your Own iPad Games on TinyTap

TinyTap is a free iPad app that allows you to create simple games based on pictures that you take. The purpose of the games you build is to help young students (pre-K through grade 4) practice identifying objects and patterns.

To create a game on TinyTap you upload pictures or take new pictures and arrange them into a set. Then select each image to create questions about it. To create your question press the record button and start talking. When you have finished talking select a portion of your picture to serve as the answer. I created a small game about objects in my house. I took four pictures of things in my house. Each question asked players to identify the objects in my house. For example, when a player sees a picture of my kitchen he or she has to identify the tea pot by touching it.

If you don't have time to create your own games or you just want to see what others have done, you can browse the TinyTap Market. In the Market you can find a mix of free and paid games. A few of the free games that your students can play include "Dress for Winter," "Match It," and "Who Is Bigger?"

Applications for Education
TinyTap could be a great app for creating games that are tailored specifically to your students. You could create a game based on pictures of things in your school. Then your students can play the game to practice recognizing things like the school nurse's office and the names of people in the school office.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Math vs. Zombies - A Halloween Math Game

Math vs. Zombies is a free iPad game with a Halloween theme. The game is has three virtual worlds each containing ten levels of basic math problems. The object of the game is to correctly solve as many math problems as possible before the zombies catch you. The math of the game is basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Applications for Education
If you're comfortable having your students play math games that have a zombie and Halloween theme Math vs. Zombies offers engaging practice activities. Tap to Learn, the producers of Math vs. Zombies, offers a few non-zombie math games if you're looking for something else to try on your iPad.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Motion Math - Play With Numbers

Motion Math is a producer of mathematics games that I initially tried out back in June. At that time I was having trouble with some of the games crashing. This morning I tried a couple of the games again and did not have any crashes.

The Motion Math games are available in a freemium model. You can play the beginning levels of the games for free, but you have to pay to play all of the levels. The game that has the most free activities is Hungry Fish.
Applications for Education
Motion Math's Hungry Fish could be a good little game for students to use to practice identifying numbers and practice their basic addition skills.