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Friday, June 24, 2016

Ed Tech Start-ups, Please Don't Do This At #ISTE2016

Dear Ed Tech Start-up Marketing Directors:

ISTE 2016 is just a couple of days away. Everyone who is going  is excited about it. Teachers and school administrators are excited to learn new things in workshops, see great presenters, learn about new tech, and connect with friends they've met online and or at previous conferences. ISTE's Blogger Cafe and Social Media lounge is one of the places that conference attendees love to connect and share the exciting new things that they've learned during the conference. Unfortunately, over the last few years there has been a trend of ed tech start-ups who aren't paying for booth space to use the Blogger Cafe and Social Media lounge to fling around flyers, stickers, and other marketing trinkets.

Littering a lounge with marketing trinkets is annoying, but it's not nearly as annoying as the other trend I've noticed over the last few years. That trend is to send low level employees to the lounges to "pick the brains" of conference attendees who are just trying to connect with fellow educators in a relaxed environment. In other words, these ed tech start-ups are trying to conduct market research for free by taking advantage of the polite nature of most educators. Nothing will make a company representative seem more disingenuous than starting up a conversation with me and then when I ask "what do you do?" or "why are you at ISTE?" being given a sales pitch for a start-up. By the way, if you are going to give a pitch, please make sure you're not making this mistake too.

Go ahead and wear your company's tee shirts, sit in on presentations, and have pre-arranged meetings with bloggers and press members (Even the lowest level of ISTE vendor space/ sponsorship will give you access to the contact info for bloggers and press members with a reach of more than 100,000 readers, each). Just be respectful of why so many educators are in those lounges, it's to connect with each other not to hear your sales pitch or have you "pick their brains" for your market research.

If you're now wondering, "how do we connect with people at ISTE 2016 if we can't bug them in the lounges?" here are a couple of low budget marketing strategies that I've seen work well. 1. Tweet a link to a very simple landing page that gives visitors a code for free coffee when they enter an email address. 2. Partnering with another small start-up or two to sponsor a fun evening activity that doesn't involve drinking at a bar.

I hope my advice doesn't foil your plans for ISTE 2016. If it does, I'll make it up to you by letting you pick my brain during a pre-arranged fifteen minute meeting during the conference. Email me at richardbyrne (at) to arrange that meeting.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Marketing Your Teaching Materials - Webinar Recording & Slides

Last night Steve Hargadon and I hosted a webinar titled Marketing Your Teaching Materials. The webinar was sponsored by TES. In the webinar we looked at the TES Marketplace and strategies for using blogs, email, and social media to promote your TES Marketplace offerings. If you missed the webinar, you can now view it here or as embedded below.

The slides seen in the webinar can be viewed below.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Think Insights with Google

Think Insights with Google is a relatively new Google service aimed at providing businesses with information about current trends in consumer behavior. Think Insights provides tools for discovering trends, monitoring trends, and it provides a public research library. Users can refine their searches in Think Insights according to industry, target audience, media platform, and marketing objectives. The research studies can be downloaded as PDFs or read online. Some of the research studies are accompanied by videos of analysts discussing the meaning and implications of the research.

Applications for Education
When I first saw Think Insights with Google I thought of high school students who participate in activities like DECA. Those students and their teachers could find Think Insights to be very useful in getting a handle on market trends and how consumers interact with different types of marketing strategies. Marketing instructors might ask students to read one of the research studies on Think Insights then use that information to develop a marketing strategy based on that study.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Ad Browser - View Old Print Advertisements

I discovered the Vintage Ad Browser this morning through marketing guru Seth Godin's blog. The Vintage Ad Browser is a search engine for old print advertisements. You can browse advertisements by tag or enter your own search terms to located advertisements. In the larger advertising categories such as Cigarettes and Tobacco you can narrow your search by selecting a range of dates.

Applications for Education
My school offers courses in both marketing and advertising design. I can see the Vintage Ad Browser being useful for those students to examine the evolution of print advertising. The Vintage Ad Browser could also be used for teaching lessons in recognizing bias and hidden messages in print materials.

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