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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get the Math - Multimedia Math Challenges About Careers

Get the Math is a super website designed to provide teachers and students with multimedia mathematics challenges. I initially reviewed the site when it launched a couple of years ago. Since then the site has expanded. Get the Math put math challenges in the context of the  "real world" scenarios of fashion design, video game design, music production, restaurant management, professional basketball, and movie special effects production.

Get the Math features short videos of professionals explaining and or demonstrating the role of mathematics in their fields. After watching the videos students try to complete a series of challenges based upon the work in each professions. For example, after watching the Math in Fashion video students have to design a shirt to match a specific price point.

Get the Math provides highly detailed lesson plans to accompany the videos and interactive features throughout the site.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plus Magazine - Math Puzzles and More

Plus Magazine is a free online publication dedicated to introducing readers to practical applications of mathematics. Plus Magazine strives to reach that goal through the publication of mathematics-related news articles, podcasts, and mathematics puzzles designed around "real-life" scenarios.

Applications for Education
Plus Magazine's mathematics puzzles provide students with challenges of varying difficulty. Most of the puzzles include some type of real-world scenario as a framework for the challenge. The puzzles could make excellent extra credit problems at the end of a mathematics test.