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Monday, September 24, 2012

Study Champs Offers Math, English, and Science Practice Activities

Study Champs is a free service offering online practice quizzes in mathematics, language arts, and science. The online quizzes are essentially online worksheets that offer instant feedback as to whether or not you've entered the correct answer on each question. Study Champs also offers printable worksheets.

Applications for Education
I'm generally not a fan of worksheets or fill-in-the-blank online activities, but I know that some people do like them. If you are looking for some simple online practice activities for your students to use after your lessons, Study Champs might have what you want.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Math eBook - Math Lessons for K-12

Math eBook is an excellent collection of mathematics tutorials and worksheets. There are tutorials available in print and video form for all grade levels. The worksheets are available as PDF downloads or your students can use the worksheets in their online interactive form. To use a worksheet online, simply click the "virtual" link next to the tutorial. To use the PDF of a worksheet click on the "eWorkbook" link next to your desired tutorial. In addition to the video tutorials and worksheets, Math eBook offers a mathematics dictionary for student use.

Applications for Education
Math eBook could be a good general mathematics resource for teachers, students, and parents. The worksheets in PDF can be edited and used for classroom practice or homework assignments. In the virtual form, the worksheets could be a good review tool for students preparing for a quiz or test.

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