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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Admongo - A Fun Game to Help Students Learn About Advertising Techniques

This evening as I watched an episode of Mad Men I was reminded of Admongo. Admongo is a game and curriculum designed to educate preteen students about the forms and methods of advertising. Admongo's primary feature is a game in which students earn points by collecting advertisements as they move through a fictional city. As they advance through the game, students will see short videos that explain the type of advertisements they see and how those advertisements attempt to get them to take an action.

Applications for Education
Admongo provides a curriculum for teachers to use with 5th and 6th grade students. The curriculum is designed to complement the lessons students learn by playing the game. On the Admongo curriculum page teachers will find posters, handouts, quizzes and other printable materials to use in their classrooms. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Europa Film Treasures - Classic Films and More

Europa Film Treasures is an online archive of classic European films. The films in the archive can be viewed for free on Europa Film Treasures. You can search the archives by dates, genre, country of origin, production method, and director. Along with each film in the collection Europa Film Treasures provides some background information such as production method, storyline, director's bio, and information about the the people appearing on camera.

Of particular interest to film buffs and teachers of cinematography, Europa Film Treasures hosts quizzes about some of the films, film themes, and film production methods.

Applications for Education
Europa Film Treasures could be a great resource for anyone teaching film making or the history of film. Teachers may also find useful videos for teaching history, culture, and foreign language.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NBC News Time Capsule

One of the features of Hulu is a collection of old news segments and entire news programs from NBC. Hulu calls this collection of segments and programs the NBC News Time Capsule. In the widget below you will find thirteen of these segments and programs. Included in the line-up are Kennedy's inauguration, the first Today Show, and the first Apollo 11 Moon Special.

Applications for Education
Teachers of US History may find the videos in the NBC News Time Capsule to be helpful in teaching lessons on 20th century US History. Teachers of media studies may also find the videos useful for lessons on changes in reporting and improvements in broadcast production over the last fifty years.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Ad Browser - View Old Print Advertisements

I discovered the Vintage Ad Browser this morning through marketing guru Seth Godin's blog. The Vintage Ad Browser is a search engine for old print advertisements. You can browse advertisements by tag or enter your own search terms to located advertisements. In the larger advertising categories such as Cigarettes and Tobacco you can narrow your search by selecting a range of dates.

Applications for Education
My school offers courses in both marketing and advertising design. I can see the Vintage Ad Browser being useful for those students to examine the evolution of print advertising. The Vintage Ad Browser could also be used for teaching lessons in recognizing bias and hidden messages in print materials.

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