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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tinker in 3D with Tinkercad

Last month I wrote about 3D Tin which allows you to build 3D models within your web browser. Over the weekend, through Kevin Jarrett, I learned about Tinkercad which does much of the same. I gave Tinkercad a try this morning and found it very easy to use because of the clear how-to lessons that Tinkercad provides to get you started. Tinkercad is also easy to use because the editing options are limited compared to what 3D Tin offers. Tinkercad provides pre-made pieces that you can assemble to build a model. You can also select a model from the public gallery and edit it in your Tinkercad account. If you create a free Tinkercad account you can save your work online. The video below provides a great introduction to Tinkercad.

Applications for Education
If I was going to introduce a new 3D modeling tool to students I would probably start with Tinkercad because it is so easy to start using compared to 3D Tin. Then if my students needed a modeling program that had more options, I would move them on to 3D Tin. Both modeling programs allow for 3D printing of the models your students design.

Both 3D Tin and Tinkercad will only function correctly in Google Chrome and the latest versions of Firefox. They will not function correctly in Safari or Internet Explorere. 

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