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Friday, November 18, 2011

Catch - Capture and Share Notes Anywhere

Catch is a service that allows you to create bookmarks, text notes, voice notes, and images anytime you're on the web. Catch offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You can also use Catch on Android and iOS devices to save notes. You can find the Android and iOS apps here. Notes that you save to your Catch account can be just a simple link, a link with a note, an image that you capture on your phone, or voice message.

This week Catch announced a new feature called Catch Streams. Streams are collaborative sets of links and notes. With a free account you can establish up to three Streams. In each Stream you and your team can build collections of resources, brainstorm by sharing notes, and keep track of goals you've set.

Applications for Education
I often get ideas for a lesson while not near a computer. Services like Catch allow me to capture those ideas on my phone. Later when I get to a computer I'll expand upon my idea. Students who work the same way, might find Catch to be a handy tool for capturing their ideas whenever they get them. Catch Streams will enable those same students working on group research projects to collaboratively brainstorm and build resources lists.

Sunday, June 26, 2011 - Quickly Take and Share Notes is a new service that offers a simple platform for taking and sharing notes. To use just go to the site and start typing your notes. When you want to share your notes just click "short" to have a shortened url created for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you like. It really couldn't be any simpler to use. And while not available yet, they do have plans for enabling file attachments and enabling a printer friendly option.

Applications for Education could be a nice tool for students to use to quickly record and share ideas with each other. If the file attachment option becomes a reality it could make it easy to share documents with each other too.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Grade Genie - Share Notes, Win Prizes

Grade Genie is an interesting note-sharing system for college students. Grade Genie lets students upload their course notes for others in their class to see. When students register they identify their college and identify the courses that they are taking. Then anyone that is in the same course can share notes. Each week Grade Genie gives iTunes gift cards to ten users that have uploaded quality notes.

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